Last weekend, event organizers pulled off the impossible: they successfully produced [a scaled down] IRONMAN Arizona.  Read Bryan Dunn’s first-person account of racing’s new reality.  His experience gives us hope that triathlons can soon re-emerge and be safely managed.

If you’re not quite ready for the real thing (or if there are no options in your area) then the IRONMAN VR World Tour is your best choice.

From now through November 22 these online races and training sessions feature some of our sport’s most iconic courses, and will keep you engaged and inspired as we look ahead to 2021.


You’ve trained for months.  Now it’s time for the finishing touches… Do you have your taper dialed?

In this information-packed interview sports physiologist and triathlon coach Dr. Iñigo Mujika provides a masterclass in the science and execution of pre-race tapering.

By implementing some of his strategies, you’ll arrive at the start line confident and ready to rock.


Multisport athletes are often frustrated to discover that their open water speed is much slower than their pool performances.

By dissecting the swim segment of a race into 6 components, coach Dan Bullock provides a set of actionable steps that you can implement to improve your open water speed.


Triathletes love swim paddles. Our partners at FINIS have developed an innovative collection of purpose-built paddles that will make you a better, faster and more efficient triathlon swimmer.

Learn why 6x IRONMAN World Champion Dave Scott uses 2 different types of paddles to improve his technique and reinforce a good catch, pull and stroke finish (the Freestyler paddle is also a game-changer for open water!)

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We’ve all been there: the stresses and obligations of family and work sometimes force us to reduce our training time. 

When faced with these situations, what training should we cut out first?

Understanding a little physiology will help guide you in deciding where to pare back.  Dr. Alex Harrison spells out what you should prioritize and how to adapt until you’re able to return to your optimal training – life balance.


We all know that peak performance requires mental toughness.  But can toughness be trained?

Brad Stulberg believes, yes, it can.  Here he outlines how you can strengthen your psychological flexibility required to persist, even during the pain and discomfort of a prolonged racing effort.

Practice these techniques and, in no time, you’ll be channeling your inner Mark Allen enroute to improved results.


  • Faster Triathlon Running
    If you haven’t already done so, be sure to grab your free copy of Craig Alexander’s 5 Tips for Running Faster Off the Bike. This is one of the most critical skills you need to develop in order to become a faster triathlete.
  • Lionel’s Hour
    On Friday, October 23 triathlon’s uber cyclist Lionel Sanders will attempt to break the Canadian Hour Record (currently 47.59 km set in 2015).  You can follow the punishing action on his Youtube channel.
  • Chrissie Redux
    Bob Babbitt catches up with one of the greats, Chrissie Wellington, in this entertaining Breakfast With Bob interview.  The 4x IRONMAN World Champion and Hall of Famer offers her thoughtful insights about the sport.