Don’t Know Squat

In this brilliant 2-part video series, coach Nate Helming shows us how to properly introduce squats into our training program.  Best of all, his instruction is designed for endurance runners (like us), not bodybuilders.

When you think about it, running is a repetition of single-leg squats.  Adding squats to your training will help build the body you need to handle the volume required for faster running.

Squatting engages the glutes, stabilizes the hips and improves range of motion in the ankles.  This results in better motion control and solid running form late in your race.

If you suffer from poor mobility (common among triathletes), coach Nate explains how to get started with squatting, and how to progress while maintaining good mechanics.  He even prescribes the frequency, sets and reps that will deliver the best results.

Learn how squats will make you a faster triathlete in this edition of TriathlonWire…