Do you truly understand lactate threshold?

As triathletes we spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve our LT.  It’s one of the fundamental concepts of effective training.

In an informative podcast, elite running coaches Steve Magness and Jonathan Marcus lay out the science of lactate threshold, and offer a variety of proven workout options that will push — and pull — your lactate curve to higher levels.


Some triathlons are showing signs of life, like last week’s ill-fated Challenge Davos that was cancelled not by COVID, but by lightning (give us a break!); this weekend’s IRONMAN Tallinn in Estonia; and the UK’s Outlaw X Triathlon on September 27.

However, the list of cancelled and rescheduled triathlons continues to grow.  With major global events — like the Boston and LA Marathons — exploring delayed 2021 dates, many experts believe we won’t see mass participation races until at least May of next year.


What can you learn about your fitness from a blood test? Plenty, according to Drs. Kush Joshi and Joel McCay.

In this podcast they outline the biomarkers that are most important for endurance athletes and how you should track them.

For example, did you know that low levels of vitamin D3 correlate to a higher risk for stress fractures?

You’ll hear how you can avoid slight abnormalities in blood chemistry that – if left uncorrected – can result in a measurable loss in performance.


During this period of disruption, we have the opportunity to change up our training and really work on our weaknesses.

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To replace what would normally be the buildup to the Hawaii IRONMAN, a new virtual event has been launched.

Called the IRONMAN VR KONA Series, it combines 5 weeks of guided training followed by the first virtual full-distance triathlon.

If virtual racing is your thing, and you want to support the theme of E Ola Mau (“Keep On Living”), then check it out.


Like a 2-bit dictator calling snap elections, the ITU gave athletes only two weeks notice that this year’s WTS World Championships would take place in Hamburg on September 5… in a sprint (not Olympic) distance format.

The response from elite triathletes has been what you’d expect, summarized most succinctly by American Sarah True in this potent Youtube video.

When will the ITU put athletes’ interests first?


Most pools are closed, or offer very limited access.   While you still can, take advantage of the warm weather to improve your open water skills.

Swim coach Sara McLarty explains why stroke count is vital to getting the most from your open water sessions, and shares an efficient workout structure for your next lake or ocean swim.


  • PTO to the Rescue
    Although a lightning storm forced the stoppage of Challenge Davos before the pros could complete their race, the Professional Triathlon Organization and event organizers distributed prize money anyway.  
  • Transitions
    • Superstar Jan Frodeno and training partner Nick Kastelein recently suffered a bike crash while riding near Girona.  Despite a brief hospital visit, it looks like they’re back on track.
    • ITU World Champion Siri Lindley is on the road to recovery after successfully undergoing a bone marrow transplant for acute myeloid leukemia.