• 4 vital workouts for IRONMAN swim pacing
  • Harness the incredible benefits of exogenous ketones
  • 12 reasons to embrace uphill running
  • Why relaxing your hands will transform your freestyle


Recent research has demonstrated that the consumption of exogenous ketones delivers groundbreaking benefits for endurance athletes.

Notably, a group of well-trained recreational cyclists ingested 2 daily doses of ketone esters during a 3-week training block.  They exhibited a 40% increase in capillary development and a 26% increase in serum EPO, which translate into a meaningful ergogenic boost.

Furthermore, when ketones were combined with a bicarbonate supplement, cyclists saw a 5% increase in power.

Exogenous ketones have already transformed World Tour cycling, and are increasingly making their mark in triathlon.  Many pros are sponsored by ketone manufacturers, and well-heeled age groupers have access to this expensive but promising supplement.  It might be time for you to give them a look.


Proper pacing for the IRONMAN swim requires an elusive combination of fitness, technique and self-confidence.

Coach Lindsay Zemba Leigh describes 4 types of swim workouts for IRONMAN success.

Leigh leans heavily on 400m repeats.  She believes it’s the ideal distance for working on both speed and endurance, while maintaining good form.

Use these workouts to smash your next IRONMAN swim.


Craig “Crowie” Alexander is returning to the multisport training mecca of Mallorca, Spain to lead a pre-season training camp on March 9 – 16, 2024.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join this 5x world champion and his team of expert coaches for one week of training, personalized technical instruction and fun.

Tailored for triathletes of all levels, this camp is guaranteed to jumpstart your season.  Learn Crowie’s insights first-hand on nutrition, strength & conditioning, bike fit and race tactics to elevate your performance to the next level.

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Triathletes often rely on hill repeats for their combination of speedwork and strength training.  But uphill running also offers much more.

Coach Amber Sayer reveals more about this potent training strategy in her 12 benefits of hill running for triathletes.

Running uphill helps to fine-tune your biomechanics, increase LT, improve balance, reinforce durability and enhance mental toughness… all attributes critical for successful triathlon running.


You’ve probably heard that keeping your hands relaxed during freestyle creates a larger paddle that will move more water.

That’s true.  But coach Mandy Bradley explains the other surprising benefits of why swimming with relaxed hands will transform your technique.

If you’re interested in expanding your range of motion, improving your catch and simply moving more freely and easily through the water, then check out this video.


  • Under An Hour
    Pinched for time?  Then you’ll love Jim Rutberg’s 3 indoor cycling workouts under 1 hour Speed intervals, over-unders, power intervals… You’ll find what you need for efficient training, even if time is short.
  • Pre-Swim Activation
    Prepare your shoulders for your next swim workout or race with this 2-minute deck activation routine.  Coach Geordie McConnell demonstrates a quick and effective 6-move warm-up sequence that you can perform before every session.
  • Star-Studded
    The 2023 Vinfast IRONMAN World Championship is just a couple weeks away, and boasts an incredibly deep field of top-ranked female pros.  Stars to watch include Chelsea Sodaro, Daniela Ryf, Anne Haug and Lucy Charles-Barclay, with the expectation of Taylor Knibb still high.  We can’t wait for the fireworks!