• Level up your swimming in the off-season
  • 7 speed workouts for the run
  • Fix swimmer’s shoulder with 3 exercises
  • Step-by-step plan for mastering bike pace
  • 3 common mistakes in freestyle breathing


Experienced triathletes know that staying within your intensity sweet spot on the bike will ensure relatively fresh legs for an awesome run.

Over-biking in an IRONMAN can cause you to run up to 90 minutes slower than expected, so must be avoided at all costs.

Coach Taren Gesell lays out a step-by-step plan for nailing your bike pace for best overall triathlon performance.

He begins with a method for determining the most appropriate bike speed based on your fitness and race distance.  He then explains how to use a weekly succession of race simulation brick workouts to dial-in and reinforce your ideal race day effort.

Follow his tips and you’ll shorten the learning curve for mastering triathlon pace management.


If your objective is to improve your swimming during the off-season, then Conrad Goeringer’s 5-point off-season framework for freestyle progress is just what you need.

Swimming is a technique-focused discipline. You’ll see the greatest advances by increasing your frequency of weekly workouts, and then performing each session with intention.

Goeringer offers a methodical approach for prioritizing and achieving your goals.  Follow it to take full advantage of the upcoming break from racing.


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Because your goal is not to simply finish the marathon but to run it as quickly as you can, you know that weekly speedwork is required.

Coach Greg McMillan outlines his 7 favorite marathon speed workouts that elevate your lactate threshold and VO2 max.

He also suggests when to schedule them and how to get maximum benefit from these tough sessions.


One of the most common chronic injuries reported by triathletes is swimmer’s shoulder.  Those afflicted are typically advised to perform stretches, which often cause more pain.

According to physical therapist Alex Ewart angry muscles don’t like tension, and stretching an inflamed muscle or tendon can make the injury worse.

Instead, eliminate the nagging discomfort of swimmer’s shoulder by focusing on these 3 strength exercises They will enhance stability, reduce muscle imbalance and provide relief.


  • Avoid the Loss
    Strength training is a proven way to resist age-related decline, and is a non-negotiable component for optimal performance.  If you’re over 40 and haven’t yet committed to strength training, then check out this graph of age-related muscle loss.  It’ll provide all the motivation you need to start lifting.
  • Every Breath You Take
    Proper breathing technique forms the foundation of a solid freestyle stroke.  Coach Stu Kahn reviews the 3 most common breathing mistakes and provides tips on how to correct them.
  • Fast or Fiction?
    Much attention has been paid to Sam Laidlow’s aero cycling socks worn during his recent victory at the IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, FRA.  Are aero socks a viable gear upgrade for free speed?  Check out the deep dive here.