How can we transfer our speed from the pool to the open water?

In this video, Brenton Ford from Effortless Swimming demonstrates 3 stroke adjustments you need to deal with the variables of the open water… like increased buoyancy, choppy conditions, navigation and other triathletes.

Ford’s tips include a higher and wider recovery, faster stroke rate and a more assertive hand entry.  Watch how he puts it all together for more speed and confidence in the open water.


Studying the breakthroughs made by other athletes can often help us reach our own PRs.

In this article, we explore the key factors that resulted in a 42-year-old amateur runner improving his marathon time by 30 minutes in 13 months.

Under the guidance of coach Andrew Simmons, this athlete employed plenty of disciplined Zone 2 trainingto optimize the efficiency of his fat burning energy system.  He also tested his fitness with strategically scheduled half marathon races.

Perhaps most significant of all was that, throughout these 13 months, this runner missed only 7 workouts.  Once again this reinforces that consistency is key.

Review this case study to see how you might modify your own program for better results.


You perform best in long triathlons with sub-threshold speed, but you increase your speed at a sub-threshold by training with efforts well above threshold.  These higher intensity sessions — called VO2max intervals — are even more important for athletes who have limited time to train.

According to coach Chris Carmichael, the value of intense workouts is their impact on mitochondrial development, which improves your LT.

How fast are VO2max intervals?   At least 120% of LT power on the bike; 92% or faster of your 5k running race pace; and 75-93% of your average 100m split in a 400m swimming time trial.

Check out Carmichael’s 3 commandments of high intensity training and incorporate them into your own program… then watch your race results improve.


Your plans for Kona might be postponed, but don’t squander that fitness you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  Why not strut your stuff at the 2021 NYC Marathon?

“But it’s sold out!” you say.

True.  But thanks to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, you can snag a VIP entry, contribute to a fantastic cause and toe the line on November 7 on Staten Island.

The NYC Marathon is one of the world’s greatest events, and is a “must do” for endurance athletes everywhere.  Click here to learn how you can make 2021 your year to run the 5 Boroughs!


You’ve done the proper training and you’re in the best shape of your life for that upcoming triathlon.  Now it’s time to look at where you can shave extra minutes from your race time.

The term “free speed” might sound like clickbait, but the folks at RaceX define it as the things that will make you go faster even if your fitness doesn’t change.

In this article they suggest 5 sources of free speed that, when combined, can save you up to 13 minutes in an IRONMAN 70.3.  See how they break them down and estimate the time savings – and cost – of each tip.


In this fascinating post, globally-recognized sports nutrition expert Asker Jeukendrup debunks the myth that protein is required for quick recovery immediately following a workout.

According to Jeukendrup, there is little evidence that protein does anything to help immediate recovery other than perhaps aid in the restoration of glycogen.

Of course, protein is required for longer term training adaptation and muscle repair.  But, in the 3 to 5 hours after exercise, protein plays almost no role in acute recovery.  It’s far more important to rehydrate and refuel.


  • That’s My Cup
    Last Saturday the PTO successfully produced its inaugural Collins Cup where teams of European, International and US triathletes competed in 12 match races.  Featuring the sport’s top talent and $1.5 million in prize money, the competition was hot.  Be sure to check out the highlights here for a look at triathlon’s newest racing format.
  • Marathon Smarts
    The coaches of Hansons-Brooks Distance Project have devised an outstanding marathon training strategy that’s churned out countless PRs.  Learn the details in their excellent book, Hansons Marathon Method. With an emphasis on strength & mobility, combined with sensible mileage, it’s an ideal program for long distance triathletes.
  • 11 Roads to Kona
    For many triathletes racing in the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships is a lifelong dream.  French triathlete Clément Vanacker summarizes 11 ways to qualify for Kona.  Maybe one of these will be your key to getting your bike onto the pier.