No, not Rembrandt, Vermeer and da Vinci…  We’re referring to Master Coaches Mark Allen, Dave Scott and Lance Watson.

This HOKA ONE ONE IRONMAN VR23 Master Coach Challenge video is a veritable master class for triathletes, offering countless tips and nuggets from 3 of the best coaches in the world.

They discuss technique and training, assess the VR performances of age group triathletes in real time, answer lots of questions and even dissect the form & fitness of Mike Reilly, who probably regrets his cameo appearance (ouch!)

This is a long video, but well worth your time.


How does good posture affect your swimming? To start with, it helps prevent arm crossover, controls body roll and improves scapular retraction for more upper-body power.

As you might’ve guessed, good posture is built upon a strong, stable core.

The experts at Swim Smooth go into detail about how poor posture undermines your stroke and can lead to shoulder injury.  They also outline what you can do about it.


While the rest of the world seems to have just discovered indoor bike training, triathletes have used it effectively for years.

The benefits of indoor bike training are numerous, including fortifying your aero position, enabling distraction-free steady state efforts, and helping to ensure year-round training consistency.

6x IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen shares how he integrates indoor bike training into his athletes’ programs. Adopt a few of his tips to elevate your cycling.


You know that full, deep sleep is critical for recovery.

The science is clear: cooler temperatures at night significantly improve the quality of your sleep and effectiveness of your recovery from workouts.

Professional athletes, Olympians, and even “biohackers” like Tim Ferriss swear by Chili Technology’s sleep cooling products.

If you’re serious about your training, then optimize your recovery by investing in your rest. Our readers get an incredible 25% off by using CHILIPAD25 at checkout.


Carbohydrate restricted training has been used by pro endurance athletes for years.  It’s a powerful strategy that teaches your body how to metabolize fats more efficiently for fuel, but implementing it can be tricky.

Elite sports dietician Renee McGregor explains how to properly execute fasted training while avoiding its pitfalls. After integrating it into your weekly routine, you’ll enhance your ability to spare carbohydrates when you need them most… like when racing.

Tip for the impatient: jump ahead to 2:45 in the video to get straight to the good stuff!


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