Our recent survey results revealed that the #1 topic you want to learn more about is strength training for better performance.

The evidence is irrefutable: strength training will make you a faster and more efficient triathlete.  It will also improve your overall training quality by protecting you from injuries that can disrupt your progress.

The (surprisingly) good news is that one strength training session per week might be all you need… if those sessions are well-designed.

In this podcast exercise scientist Dave Cripps maps out how you can build a personalized program to get stronger in the right places to improve your triathlon performance.  You don’t want to miss this one!


Have you experienced back pain while cycling? Did you know that this pain often originates from problems with your hip flexors?

Often the result of Lower Crossed Syndrome, muscle imbalances in the hip flexors and core cause over-activation in the lower back.

Riding a bike — and sitting all day at work — shortens the hip flexors and can exacerbate the issue… unless active steps are taken to counteract the effect.

Follow these 5 strategies to rehab and prevent this condition as outlined by national team cyclist and certified coach Hannah Finchamp.


There’s lots of excitement around the new trends and choices in bike tires.  We’ve all noticed the growing popularity of wider and tubeless setups.

But which are fastest — and most practical — for top performing age group triathletes?

The uberscientists at AeroCoach recently conducted tests to determine which TT tires delivered the least rolling resistance then provided some useful recommendations for triathletes who are seeking incremental gains.


Every October the world’s best make their annual pilgrimage to the hallowed grounds of Kona for the Big Show. But this year things got weird, and now they’re stuck at home with fitness to burn.

So Canyon — the bike brand ridden to 5 consecutive World Championships —  is hosting a global DIY Tri on October 24. Jan FrodenoLionel SandersSarah Crowley and others will be pushing their limits from the comfort of their own homes.

And the best part? You can join the DIY Tri, too, and have a chance to win a Canyon Speedmax and lots of other cool gear!  Registration is free. What else are you doing this month?!


Coach Patrick McCrann of Endurance Nation explains why run frequency is more important than total weekly mileage.

By integrating more run sessions of shorter distances into your weekly program, you’ll accrue quality running time while building good habits and reducing the risk of injury.

To get started, you can experiment with splitting your normal long run into 2 shorter sessions performed on the same day.

Learn more about this innovative approach and why it could be your key to a triathlon running breakthrough.


Today is Thursday, which means — in any other year — we’d be prancing around Kona in our unmentionables, participating in the infamous and beloved 23rd annual Underpants Run.

Although we’re not on the Big Island, don’t get your drawers in a knot!  You can still show your… um, spirit… by entering the 2020 UPR Virtual Edition.

The UPR raises funds for local Big Island charities, which have been especially hard hit this year by Hawaii’s lack of tourism.  So flaunt your tighty whities and jump into the action!


  • Give Him Wurf’s Number
    Aussie pro cyclist Adam Hansen is leaving Team Lotto Soudal to focus on IRONMAN. After completing 20 consecutive Grand Tours (the current record), he’s looking for a new challenge.  It’s always interesting to watch professionals from other sports navigate the world of triathlon.  We wish him luck!
  • Cancelled
    We’ve published this link in the past, but keep getting requests for it:  Triathlon Magazine Canada’s  comprehensive list of race cancellations and updates.
  • 1 Billion Kudos
    Strava has accumulated over 68 million users (up 35% since February) who use the platform to log and share their workouts. Now the company is seeking new investment, based on a valuation of $1 billion.  That’s a lot of kudos.
  • Punch In Your Numbers
    Its quirky retro style is like an old Geocities website, but we appreciate the simplicity of this triathlon split calculator.  Use it to help with goal setting for your next race.