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Breakthroughs in running performance require purposeful training at your faster target pace, not endless slogging at steady-state speed.

A proven technique for improving running speed is to train faster on tired legs.  This is best accomplished through a TLT workout (meaning “Threshold – Long – Threshold”).

Elite coach Richard Lovett explains how to integrate this powerful training tool into your program.  He reviews the basics and suggests ways to customize TLT runs for your personal goals.

These sessions are not easy, and should be implemented sparingly.  However, when it’s time to peak for your “A” race, the TLT workout will become a powerful weapon in your arsenal.


Triathletes are known to obsess over the sleekest bikes and newest carbon accessories that promise to improve their cycling speed.

However the best upgrade for your cycling according to coach Triathlon Taren is a comprehensive bike fit.

In this video (jump to 5:30 for the good stuff), Taren explains why lower isn’t always better.  Even superstars like Jan Frodeno found that a slightly higher position was not only more aero but, after raising the cockpit, he was able to generate more power.

Finally, what good is an aggressively aero position if you can’t hold it for the entire race?  Find that sweetspot between aero and comfort, and you’ll be faster on the bike and more prepared for a great run.


Have you ever gone into the red at the start of a race, then never really recover for the remainder of the swim?  If so, you’re probably not doing enough high-speed anaerobic swim training.

As triathletes we focus on our aerobic engines, often neglecting our top-end speed.  An extra swim gear pays huge dividends, especially during the first 400m of the start, to accelerate when you want to jump into a faster swimmer’s slipstream, or to finish strong.

Experiment with these 3 workout sets and you’ll likely see increases in your open water speed and racing confidence.


You know that full, deep sleep is critical for athletic recovery.

The science is clear: cooler temperatures at night significantly improve the quality of your sleep and effectiveness of your recovery from workouts.

Professional athletes, Olympians, and champion age group triathletes swear by Chili Technology’s sleep cooling products.

If you’re serious about your training, then optimize your recovery by investing in your rest. TriathlonWire readers get an incredible 25% off by using CHILIPAD25 at checkout.


How can you become a faster climber on the bike?

One of the best tools to improve your climbing speed is the OverUnder Interval Session.  Simply put, it’s a workout in which you repeatedly inject surges from your highest sustainable climbing speed.

This workout trains your body to clear lactate more efficiently, which is vital on long climbs where variations in gradient, hairpin turns or your riding companions disrupt your rhythm.  An added advantage: you can implement this session on your indoor trainer or outside on the bike.


A common refrain from swim coaches is “Finish your stroke!”, but do you know what that really means?

Check out this article by open water age group champion and coach Terry Heggy.  In it he clearly explains what we should be focused on in order to “finish our stroke” effectively and powerfully.

The key is to maintain pressure throughout your stroke. Anyone can perform an adequate stroke finish when fresh and focused on it, but the best swimmers refine it constantly… until it becomes a habit.


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