• How Kona’s best AG bike split was built
  • 4 keys to improving in your 50s
  • Why is Lucy so fast in the water?
  • 2 tough run sessions for your next marathon
  • 3 ways super shoes make you faster


Lucy Charles-Barclay is well-known for her swimming dominance.  In the 2023 IRONMAN World Championship, she set up her overall victory with another untouchable swim split.

What makes her so damn fast?  And can age groupers adopt her strategies and techniques to improve their performances?

In this insightful video Brenton Ford reveals the 5 startling reasons why LCB is unstoppable in open water.  You’ll discover countless technical nuances and tips to apply to your own training.


This year Jana Richtrova posted the fastest amateur bike split in the Hawaii IRONMAN.

Her story is a relentless quest for optimized bike fit, the most sustainable aerodynamic position, the best equipment and uncompromising training consistency.

Learn how coach Jorge Martinez guided Richtrova to a bike leg that helped make her a 3x age group world champion.


There’s no better way to jumpstart your 2024 season than by joining 3x Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion Craig Alexander at his pre-season training camp on March 9-16 in Mallorca, Spain.

Train side-by-side with Crowie and receive personalized instruction and critical guidance that will level up your multisport performance.

Tailored for triathletes of all levels, this camp is guaranteed to make you a faster, more proficient triathlete.  Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

The camp includes pre-trip assessments and follow-up consultations.  Check out all the benefits here and learn what makes Crowie’s spring training camp so unique.

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The unignorable trend in running is that almost every recent road race and IRONMAN winner has worn super shoes to propel them to victory.

There are 3 ways super shoes impact run speed, the most important being improved running economy.

Of course, the benefits are different for every athlete.  In this article run coach Ashely Mateo explains an at-home treadmill test you can use to determine just how much super shoes might affect your performance.


As a masters endurance athlete you’ll eventually face the reality of diminishing physical capacity and longer recovery times.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to make gains.

Coach Jim Rutberg outlines 4 components of fitness that masters athletes should prioritize.

If you consistently attend to these, you’ll lessen the negative effects of aging and maintain – or even improve – your fitness and performance for years to come.


  • Iron Grit
    If you know her harrowing story of surviving a shipwreck, then the tenacity of Els Visser will come as no surprise.  In 6th place with 35 kilometers remaining in the Hawaii IRONMAN bike course, a broken pedal forced her to ride into T2 with just one leg.  She ended up in 15th overall, still in the prize money.  Amazing grit.
  • Locked-In Pace
    Squeeze more benefit from your long runs by adding intentional variations of speed into one session per month.  Here are 2 advanced long run workouts designed to reinforce and lock-in your race pace.