• 3 proven run workouts
  • Why it’s time to try a bottle fairing
  • 5 tips for tri-specific swim speed
  • Run tall, run fast
  • 2023 Kona bike count


You’ve probably noticed the latest trend among pros: they stuff a water bottle down the front of their trisuits prior to rolling out of T2.

While not UCI-legal, the belly bottle is permitted (for now) in triathlon.

When positioned properly, the bottle acts as a chest fairing and can deliver up to a 9% reduction in drag, saving many minutes and watts over 112 miles.

Learn how to fine-tune this aero hack for your next IRONMAN.  It might be the easiest way to truly get free speed on the bike.


Long distance triathletes don’t need to over-complicate their run training.  In fact coach Sergio Borges contends that the sweet spot for greatest progress is to run just 3 times per week.

The trick to making this run schedule work is to be intentional with your volume and intensity.

Coach Borges outlines his method for delivering the ideal combination of endurance, strength and speed sessions.  He also provides a sample week of run workouts that you can immediately integrate into your own program.


With Kona behind us, now’s the time to plan how 2024 will be your best year in triathlon ever.

There’s no better way to jumpstart your season than by joining 3x Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander at his pre-season training camp on March 9-16, 2024 in the endurance sports paradise of Mallorca, Spain.

Tailored for triathletes of all levels, it’s guaranteed to be a fun week of incredible training, technical instruction and informative workshops.

Train side-by-side with Crowie and his team of amazing coaches during this once-in-a-lifetime triathlon experience.

TriathlonWire readers get $50 off your camp tuition with coupon code TRIWIRE50.  Click here for more details or to make your no-risk reservation.


Successful triathletes are obssessed with training efficiency, and nowhere is that more important than in your swim workouts.

Coach Dave Burgess provides 5 triathlon-specific swim tips to help make the most of your time in the water.

Pay particular attention to tip #2.  He explains why it’s vital to build your workouts around your base 100 time.   Once you’ve mastered this basic training skill, you’ll unlock additional gears to elevate your swim pace.


Posture is how you carry your body, and good posture is both a position and a process.

Proper posture is critical for fast and efficient running, since it supports a full range of motion, enhances your biomechanics, optimizes lung capacity and helps prevent injury.

Sustaining good running posture – often referred to as “running tall” — can be challenging, especially when fatigued.  Check out Dan Go’s 5 best exercises for improving your posture In just 5 minutes a day, you’ll improve your body’s alignment and begin running faster with less effort.


  • Bike Count
    It’s always enlightening to learn what gear is used by the world’s best triathletes.  Check out the 2023 Hawaii IRONMAN Bike Count to see what bikes, cycling components and gear are trending.
  • Historic
    Despite the naysayers, last weekend’s women’s-only 2023 IRONMAN World Championship was a massive success.  16 athletes went under 9 hours!  Here’s our favorite recap of this historic race.  It relives the dramatic wire-to-wire win of Lucy Charles-Barkley in 10 compelling stories from race day.