Are you teaching your body how to run faster… or are you inadvertently taming yourself into not fulfilling your racing potential?

In this thought-provoking discussion, coaches Magness & Marcus explore how an overemphasis on predictable reps leads to higher training efficiency, but can prevent us from getting faster.

Check out this podcast and then consider how you can let the wild horse run!   It just might help you break through the plateaus that are holding you back.


Aero helmets or shoe covers? Wheels or a new position for your hydration system?  What should I upgrade first?

Cycling aerodynamicist and TT champion Dan Bingham loves to geek out on the marginal gains available through better bike position and strategic gear choices.

Discover what modifications you can make that deliver the best ROI (as measured by investment per watts gained).

If you’re interested in learning even more, then listen to his conversation with That Triathlon Show, (go to 30:00 in for the good stuff) where he shares his latest recommendations on how triathletes can truly buy speed.


Plyometrics — or jump training — are an effective method for improving running efficiency and reactive strength.  By promoting more muscle fiber recruitment, triathletes can learn how to expend less energy with every step.

Studies have shown plyometrics to be more effective than weight training for improving running economy… oftentimes in just 8 weeks.

In this short video coach Jon-Erik Kawamoto takes you through a comprehensive plyo workout that you can gradually integrate into your training program.  Used judiciously, plyometrics will help you attain a new level of running.


5x world triathlon champion Craig Alexander has just launched his Youtube channel and he needs your help to get the word out.

So he’s offering to answer questions from TriathlonWire readers in his new segment called Ask Crowie.  Each week he’ll provide a video response to 5 questions that he selects.

Don’t miss your chance to get personal feedback from a true champion.  Best of all, it’s free!

You can submit your questions for Crowie here.


High hamstring tendinopathy — characterized by deep buttock pain — is prevalent among triathletes.  It usually comes on slowly but can be difficult to cure.

Often caused by compressive force exerted on the tendon when the hip is flexing (when running or cycling, for example), it’s further exacerbated by prolonged sitting.

Learn more about this condition and how to treat it in this informative article by pro triathlete Jennie Hansen.  Address this injury early on, and you can prevent it from becoming a chronic problem.


As we begin to rediscover our local pools, certified coach Lindsay Zemba Leigh provides 7 Tips for Faster Swimming that will help us regain our proficiency in the water.

Now’s the perfect time to start building (or reinforcing) good swim training habits as we reacquaint ourselves with the long black line.  We think this article will help.


  • Tweet of the Week
    Alistair Brownlee might be right: This is shaping up to be the most significant triathlon of the year.  Coined the PTO Middle Distance World Championship, Challenge Daytona’s $1 million purse is understandably attracting the best in the sport.
  • By Any Other Name
    Following the trend seen among other global federations, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) announced its name change to World Triathlon, and has also rebranded its 5 continental confederations.
  • Ride the Kona Course
    IRONMAN’s cycling reality platform partner Rouvy released its complete virtual championship course. Now you can ride the 112 miles from Kailua-Kona to Hawi and back on your home trainer.  The only thing missing are the headwinds!