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A common question among triathletes is “How long before I benefit from my workout?

Coach Jeff Gaudette answers this question in connection with running.  As you might guess the answer is not simple, and it depends on the type of workout you’re performing.

For example you can feel the benefits from speedwork within a few days, because of how quickly your nervous system responds to training stimuli. In contrast the physiological improvements derived from weekly long runs might take months to realize.

Check out his detailed explanations and useful chart of the general timeframe needed to see benefits from each particular workout, and use them to plan your training schedule.


Think about it.  To swim faster, you must focus on just 2 things: decreasing drag and increasing propulsion.

Because water is 800 times denser than air, improvements in speed can be gained by reducing drag, achieved relatively quickly through subtle adjustments in body position and technique.

Starting with the head and hips, we strive for a more horizontal orientation in the water.  Then we address rotation and reach to make ourselves narrower and more streamlined.

In this video MySwimPro founder Fares Ksebati outlines the strategies for improving swim speed by reducing drag (along with many other valuable tips).


If you’re a fan of superstar Lucy Charles, then you probably noticed that — when she won the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in St. George, UT — she arrived at the start line leaner and stronger than ever before.

In this video Taren Gesell takes a deep dive into how Lucy’s strength routine can be adapted to age group triathletes like us.

One key takeaway: Lucy notices the benefits of her strength training most during her runs.  She feels stronger, more stable and better able to tolerate the relentless training stress.

We also were intrigued to learn that she performs an efficient 15-minute core workout almost every day.  Learn more here…


Take the stress out of triathlon fueling once and for all.

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The secret weapon of many top athletes is UCAN Nutrition.

Champions like Tim O’Donnell and Katie Zaferes rely on UCAN for their most important performances.  It’s easy on the stomach, prevents blood sugar spikes (and crashes!), and encourages more efficient fat metabolism.

There’s no better time to introduce UCAN gels and bars into your fueling rotation.  Experiment with it for one week and see what we mean.

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Wirth so much emphasis these days on polarized training, combined with an understandable concern over long-term heart health, many endurance athletes are neglecting steady-state zone 3 training.

Zone 3 workouts are performed at the aerobic threshold and deliver key adaptations to our aerobic capacity.  When performed properly, they’re an invaluable tool in your training repertoire.

When running, the intensity of these workouts equates to the highest workload you can maintain without continual lactate accumulation.  Put another way, it’s approximately your 2-hour race pace, or somewhere between your half marathon and marathon speed.

Learn more about the benefits of these steady state runs, and how – and when – to harness the power of these sessions.


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    Ensure your off-season gains are maximized by picking up a copy of Strength Training for Cycling Performance by coach Menachem Brodie.  Consider this your cheat sheet for developing strength and mobility for better results on the bike