The 2nd annual Outspoken Women in Triathlon Awards presented by Coeur Sports took place last Sunday…virtually.

There were many deserving winners, but we want to recognize their 2020 Coach of the Year Jacqueline Lake, who has dedicated the past decade to guiding members of the TriLatino Tri Club to new heights.

Also of note, former pro and 2x Kona runner-up Rachel Joyce was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Although her work is far from over, Rachel has been instrumental in leading the fledgling Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) in its support of the top performers of our sport.


If you’re not yet training with power on your tri bike, then this article, 10 Reasons to Use a Power Meter, will convince you to take the plunge.

The ability to see and record your power provides unprecedented insight into your fitness.  Coach Joe Friel considers the power meter to be the most effective tool for increasing cycling speed.

Now’s the perfect time to introduce power into your bike training, and position yourself for breakthrough bike performances in 2021.


Easy run sessions should make up the bulk of our training, but all too often we find ourselves pushing the pace.

Reacquaint yourself with why easy runs are so vital when building base and developing fitness.  Key among them are increased mitochondrial density, enhanced fat metabolism and capillary development… all with a reduced risk of injury.

How fast should your easy runs be?  Check out this useful pace calculator to determine the pace that’s right for you.


3x Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander has just revamped the training plans offered through his Sansego Triathlon Club.

Choose from among 12 totally revised programs.  From Olympic distance to full-distance IRONMAN, there’s definitely a plan that will fit your skill level and available training time.

Best of all, from now until the end of the year, he’s offering all of his programs at a reduced price.  You can check them out here…


We hate to break it to you, but you probably need a stronger body, not a better bike.  The good news is that you can accomplish this by working on strength and mobility to improve your movement patterns.

In this article coach Lawrence Herrara explains how he helps cyclists overcome their quad dominance and re-establish balance and stability by strengthening their posterior chain.  He then prescribes a series of specific workouts that you can begin immediately (even if you can’t get into a gym), which will make you more powerful on climbs and more stable on high-speed descents.


In last week’s survey we asked about your sentiment towards racing in 2021, especially given the disruption and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. We were overwhelmed by your responses… thanks to the more than 13,000 triathletes who participated!  Here are the results:

81.7% of you are planning to race in 2021, while 16.8% are still unsure.

Impressively 63.9% reported to have already registered for a triathlon next year.

9.6% will require a COVID-19 vaccine before racing again, but 68.3% plan to race in 2021, vaccine or not.


  • Pro-Am Relay
    You’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming Challenge Daytona Triathlon, but did you know it’s offering a Pro-Am Relay raced under the lights on its famous speedway course?  End your year on a high note and join a pro’s team for this fun event, during what will undoubtedly be the grandest triathlon weekend of 2020.
  • IM-AZ Cancelled
    Despite last month’s successful implementation of the 70.3 in Tempe, the full-distance IRONMAN Arizona scheduled for November 22 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  The vaccines can’t get here fast enough.
  • Mom’s The Word
    The PTO has announced an innovative Maternity Leave Policy that will compensate pro female triathletes for up to 15 months and freeze their then-current world ranking until they can return to racing.  Other sports, take note!