• Checklist for optimal bike aerodynamics
  • Why (and how) triathletes should lift heavy
  • 3 interval sessions for faster tri running
  • Mix your carbs for better absorption
  • 5 proven ways to boost swim endurance


Coach Olivier Poirier-Leroy shares 5 time-tested strategies for boosting swim endurance.  These proven guidelines will improve your swimming while avoiding injuries.

Additionally he outlines the 3 most common mistakes he sees athletes make when trying to boost their swim endurance.  By following his tips – and focusing on consistency and progression – you’ll soon be swimming stronger and faster.


It’s difficult to perform well in a triathlon if you don’t have a strong run.

Becoming a good triathlon runner requires more than just long, slow workouts.  Unfortunately that’s the type of run session favored by most age groupers.

Follow these 3 run interval progressions by coach David Glover, and watch your tri runs improve in as little as one month.


Dr. Kate Baldwin dives into the science behind why triathletes should practice maximal strength training to get the most out of their performance.

Only lifting heavy elicits adaptations in neuromuscular capacity that improves economy and power.  Citing numerous studies she explains how maximal strength training will make you faster on the bike and run.

She concludes with detailed prescriptions for workout frequency, managing steady progression and exercise selection.  This is truly a comprehensive guide to strength training for triathletes.


UCAN’s proprietary SuperStarch (called LIVSTEADY) is a low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate that has changed the way triathletes train and race.

UCAN products provide athletes with steady, long-lasting energy without the spikes and crashes associated with sugary gels and drinks.

Best of all, the flavors are subtle and not too sweet.  With zero sugars and zero stimulants, UCAN provides sustained energy throughout the race with no GI or stomach upset.

We demand steady energy and sharp mental focus throughout the race day.  That’s why champions like Katie Zaferes, Tim O’Donnell, Emily Sisson and Meb Keflezighi rely on UCAN to fuel their performances.

As always, readers of TriathlonWire receive incredible discounts on all UCAN purchases by using this linkCheck out their complete line of drinks, energy bars and snacks today!


To help you post the best bike split possible, Conrad Goeringer documents the current best practices for maximizing aerodynamics and minimizing rolling resistance.

Your body position accounts for over 70% of total drag, so it makes sense to work on getting long and narrow.  He addresses the latest science regarding back position, aero bar tilt and crank length.

Work through this checklist to optimize your bike setup.  You’ll be rewarded with more speed.


Lately more elite athletes are finding that increased carbohydrate consumption leads to better race performances.

However, many of us have painfully discovered that simply eating and drinking more is not the answer.  Our bodies can absorb about 60g of glucose per hour (240 calories), and the rest just accumulates in our intestine (often with unpleasant consequences).

For events over 2.5 hours, better carb absorption can be achieved by mixing the types of carbs you ingest.  For example, blending maltodextrin with fructose can raise your absorption ceiling to 90g/hr.

Food for thought as you experiment with your fueling.  Learn more about the science here.


  • 25 Grams
    You’re focused on consuming adequate amounts of protein to build strength and  bolster recovery.  Hit your targets with this useful chart that illustrates what 25 grams of protein looks like.
  • NOzempic
    While it might be tempting to experiment with GLP-1 drugs to help get to race weight, Phil White describes the potential risks for endurance athletes.  They include the unwanted loss of muscle mass and the tendency to under-fuel while training and racing.
  • Saddle Up
    In cycling comfort equals speed, so be sure to check out the 19 best tri bike saddles for your perfect perch.    Your undercarriage will thank you.