• Marginal aero gains
  • Maintaining speed as you age
  • Taper like a champion
  • In-season strength training
  • 63 Hacks for faster IRONMAN


It’s well-documented that our speed and strength begin to decline once we reach our mid-30s.  In fact, it’s common to see a 10% decline in average VO2 max each decade.

The good news is that this age-related slowdown can be reduced with these 3 strategies.

In this video coach Scott MacLean discusses how to properly execute HIIT sessions, the importance of strength training and the changes required in your recovery protocols to keep you near the front of the pack.


Three-time Kona world champion Craig Alexander knows a thing or two about how to peak for an IRONMAN race.

According to Alexander, the concept of a pre-race taper has become needlessly complex and difficult to execute.  By focusing on his 3 main goals of a taper, you can adapt his proven plan to freshen, replenish and sharpen before your big event.

Learn his philosophy for designing the ideal pre-race taper.   Not surprisingly, Crowie’s approach is refreshingly straightforward, and relevant to triathletes at all levels.

He even includes a free downloadable checklist (with no email address required) that maps out your key workouts during the last 7 days before a major race.


If you want to make a handful of marginal gains that will significantly improve your overall triathlon performance, then you’ll love this article by Andrew Patterson.

He’s compiled 63 different tips that can enhance your race.

Granted, some of his hacks are painfully obvious.  But other suggestions, like plugging your energy leaks and making a friend on the run, are innovative and useful.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll discover something here that will help you unlock additional speed for your next triathlon.


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Have you ever wondered what are the best aerodynamic changes you can make to deliver more cycling speed?

Josh Poertner, the owner of SILCA and former technical director at ZIPP, chats with coach Dylan Johnson about the quick changes you can make to capture critical gains in your cycling performance.

You’ll be amazed by the impact that wrinkled clothing, cycling gloves, wheels, and even socks (!!!)have on aero gains.  Learn why an aero helmet might be your best investment in speed.

Best of all, many of these performance enhancements are neither expensive nor exotic… you just need to know what has the greatest positive impact on your bike split.


While most of us have committed to strength training during our winter base building, many of us abandon the gym when our attention turns to competition.

That’s not a good long-term strategy.  In fact, here are 5 reasons why strength training is critical during race season.

Of course, the goals and routines of your strength training will vary throughout the year.  When between events, your focus should be on maintaining a strong core, performing drills that support proper biomechanics and that correct imbalances to resist injury.

Learn more about how to get the most from your in-season gym work.


  • Faster Than Kona?
    There’s been much discussion about the course difficulty at the recent IRONMAN World ChampionshipsBut was St. George tougher than KonaIn this review of the race data by Thorsten Radde, it turns out that the times in St. George were about 6 minutes faster than an average day on the Big Island.  So, was St. George tougher?  Only the athletes can answer that.
  • Crawl of Iron
    If you’re a student of triathlon, then take a moment and read Crawl of Fame, the story of Julie Moss and her transformative 1982 performance.  This one moment put our sport on the map, and jolted TV executives and sponsors into making a long term commitment to IRONMAN.