• Tips for in-season strength training
  • Why you need to master the 2-beat kick
  • Personalized fueling plan for IRONMAN 70.3
  • Get the most from back-to-back long rides
  • Workouts that lock-in your run pace


Our long runs are precious workouts.  They require longer recovery time than our bike sessions and swims, so we can’t afford to do too many of them.  That’s why it’s critical to make each one count.

Age group champion, Olympian and coach Chris Hauth offers his personal tips on how to determine the length and intensity of the long run based on your fitness and goals.

He also shares his perspective on the 3 different types of long runs and offers 7 long run workout recipes that will keep you mentally fresh and deliver top results.


If you’re struggling to find enough training time, then consider scheduling two long rides on the weekend.

These 2-day training blocks cause significant muscular and cardiovascular overload, resulting in adaptations that lead to improvements in performance.

To get maximum benefit from back-to-back long days, focus on intentionally managing your fueling and recovery throughout the weekend.

For master coach Chris Carmichael, details matter.   Follow his 6 detailed tips for riding stronger on back-to-back days.  His advice will help you make the most of your valuable weekend training.


After surviving the intensity of the first 400m of the swim start, many triathletes prefer to settle into a 2-beat kick.

A 2-beat kick offers numerous advantages including a lowered heart rate, improved streamlining and more speed for the effort.  It also amplifies the connection between your kick and core, helping to initiate a more effective body rotation.

The secret to an effective 2-beat kick is proper timing.  In this video Brenton Ford presents a useful method for mastering this subtle skill.  With a 2-beat kick in your toolkit, you’ll complete your swim more efficiently and enter T1 ready to ride.


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Determining your optimal race-day nutrition strategy is elusive, complex and very personal. It’s also a major source of pre-event anxiety and concern.

No two triathletes are alike.  That’s why we appreciate this comprehensive blueprint for IRONMAN 70.3 fueling by Dr. Alex Harrison.  Instead of dictating what products to consume, he outlines a process that will help you arrive at a consumption strategy based on your body weight and racing ambitions.

Additionally Harris offers conservative and aggressive fueling recommendations, and explores the benefits and risks of each.  Now there’s no excuse for not entering your next race with a proven and effective fueling plan.


Strength and mobility form the foundation of superior endurance performances.

Former pro cyclist Gavin Mannion shares his insights on how he and other riders maintain their strength throughout the year, even during race season.  His tips are relevant to time-crunched triathletes.

Of course, during the season his strength training became lighter in volume and weight, and more focused on pre-workout activation and stretching.  Single-leg and bodyweight exercises were favored to avoid compromising their riding.

Study how these pros integrate strength training into their routines, and then apply their tactics to your training.


  • Zone Width
    In this Tweet Alan Couzens clarifies the breadth of Zone 2, reassuring us that it’s wide enough to realistically manage – and stay within – while training.
  • Myo What?
    One under-appreciated benefit of strength training is its stimulation of myokine production.  These remarkable peptide compounds are released by skeletal muscle and regulate many vital functions.  Learn 9 amazing benefits of myokines that will provide even more reasons to prioritize your time in the gym.
  • Final Transition
    The global endurance community says a heartfelt goodbye to Rick Hoyt, 61, who passed away unexpectedly this week due to respiratory complications. Wheelchair-bound Rick was famously pushed by his father, Dick, to over 1,000 race finishes including 255 triathlons, 32 Boston Marathons and a run across the USA.