• Why you need a new IRONMAN fueling plan
  • 10 tips for increasing freestyle speed
  • How to benefit from altitude training
  • 5-point checklist for managing hot races
  • Run-walk to a marathon PB


While often considered the tactic of back-of-the-pack marathoners, Dr. Will O’Connor believes that a run-walk strategy might be your best bet for your next IRONMAN.

According to O’Connor, run-walk can prevent you from starting too fast.  It also helps you absorb adequate nutrition at the aid stations.

In 2017 he famously employed his run-walk plan to post a 2:45:52 marathon.  To achieve this impressive result, he followed a run-walk ratio very different from the popular Galloway Method.

O’Connor explains how to adopt this strategy for your next training and racing cycle.  He also provides some excellent resources to help you master this proven and effective technique.


To get better results in the pool, it’s often useful to change your approach to training.

In this video Brenton Ford presents 10 insights for increasing freestyle speed.

If you’re an intermediate swimmer keen to improve, then you’ll find tips that you can immediately apply to your workouts.


Altitude training camps (ATCs) have long appealed to endurance athletes who hope for an increase in their hematocrit, and the associated boost of the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity.

Coach Jim Rutberg takes a close look at ATCs and explores different strategies for how to make training at higher elevations work for you.

He also outlines the 4 ways an altitude training camp can hinder performance if not properly structured.


Nothing helps you build the strength, endurance and technique required for faster triathlon swimming than FINIS training accessories.

Consider the Tempo Trainer Pro.  This popular device will guide you to an ideal stroke rate and help smooth your power curve for more speed and efficiency.

Famous for its innovative designs, triathletes love the strapless Floating Agility Paddles and the Freestyler Paddles(That’s why Dave Scott has both in his gear bag.)

Elevate your swim-specific strength and perfect your pre-race warm-up with a set of Slide Dryland Cords.  They mimic the entire swim stroke cycle with consistent resistance throughout the pull.

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As we reported one month ago, low-carb Mortal Hydration has replaced calorie-rich Gatorade Endurance at IRONMAN races in North America.

How will you replace the carbs that were conveniently delivered by Gatorade Endurance?  Dr. Alex Harrison walks us through the new math for today’s IRONMAN nutrition, and offers examples to ensure you’re consuming optimal amounts of carbs, water and sodium.

Harrison provides a number of options – complete with calculations to determine the proper amounts of key nutrients  — to ensure you’re optimally fueled throughout the event.


If you’ve ever found yourself deep into a race and struggling with the hot conditions, then check out Patrick McCrann’s 5-point checklist for heat management It could very well save your next triathlon.

This framework provides various actions to cool your body’s operating temperature and keep it out of the red zone.  It will give you the confidence that you can execute in warm weather races.