• Crowie returns to Kona… and you can join him
  • 3 reasons why wetsuits are always faster
  • How to use & improve your power-to-weight ratio
  • 3 run intervals for faster IRONMAN finishes
  • Cheat sheet for successful triathlon swimming


Coach Rory Buck presents his guide to successful triathlon swimming. It covers everything you need for faster race splits.

Buck believes that your technique sets the limit on where your fitness will take you.  So he prioritizes reducing resistance over increasing propulsion.

This cheat sheet is the most complete free resource we’ve seen on triathlon swimming.  Refer to it frequently and you’ll improve your mechanics, build your endurance and increase your confidence.


With the introduction of several new nutrition partners on-course at IRONMAN, it’s time to rethink your race day fueling strategies.

Sports nutrition scientist Asker Jeukendrup provides numerous useful resources, including this blueprint for calculating carbohydrate intake during an event.

Athletes can absorb more carbs overall when combining glucose and fructose, as compared to a single carbohydrate source.  But determining the ideal carb ratio and total amount of carbs per hour can be tricky and still requires trial and error.

Check out his practical recommendations to dial-in your best carb intake plan and avoid GI distress that can sideline your race.


Let’s elevate your next run split with Greg McMillan’s 3 interval sessions for faster IRONMAN runs.

Performing one of these workouts each week will develop your economy and threshold speed that will deliver stronger race finishes.


Craig “Crowie” Alexander won the Hawaii IRONMAN 3 times, and in 2011 broke its 15-year-old course record with a devastating run off the bike.

Now you can train side-by-side with Crowie at the site of his greatest victories.  On August 11-16, join Craig Alexander’s Kona Triathlon Experience, a 6-day training camp hosted exclusively at the 5-star Mauna Lani Resort located at mile 34 of the IRONMAN bike course.

Designed for athletes of all abilities, sessions are geared to the fitness and experience of each participant.  The camp’s focus is on teaching critical skills vital for triathlon success.

Highlights include guided sessions cycling to Hawi, running in the energy lab and swimming in Kailua Bay.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity.  Learn more & reserve your spot today in Craig Alexander’s Kona Triathlon Experience.


FTP is a key cycling metric, but it only tells part of the story.  For a more complete view of bike fitness, it pays to understand your Power-to-Weight Ratio (PWR).

PWR reflects your power output relative to your bodyweight.  Increasing PWR is a balancing act that blends improving fitness with careful loss of excess weight.

PWR can help inform your race choices because, in general, triathletes with a higher PWR perform better on courses with long climbs (like Nice). In contrast, heavier, more powerful athletes tend to excel on flat courses.

Coach Jim Rutberg takes a deep dive on how to calculate, use, and enhance you power-to-weight ratio for better triathlon performances.


Most of us have sensed it, and it’s proven by science: wearing a wetsuit is faster.

Coach Martin Spierings summarizes the latest research that confirms the 3 ways wetsuits make you a faster swimmer.  (Reasons #2 and #3 are especially interesting).

Not only do they make you faster, wetsuits also result in less energy expenditure, which pays dividends later in the race.


  • AI for the Win
    The official training platform of IRONMAN – TriDot – was named Best Technology for Data and Sports Analytics at the Sports Technology Awards recently held in London.  TriDot’s AI-based engine generates personalized training plans based on biometrics, training history, environmental conditions and other key inputs.  Better results in less time… We’ll take it!
  • Double Dipping
    After becoming the first American woman to secure a spot on the Olympic triathlon team, 26-year-old phenom Taylor Knibb won the US time trial championships by a convincing 11 seconds to claim her start in the Olympic time trial, too.
  • Retired
    Tire giant Pirelli introduced its newest tubeless race tire, featuring massive reductions in rolling resistance and weight, and claims it’s the fastest ever.  Already used in the pro peloton, it might be a good choice for the Queen K.