• 10 dryland drills for freestyle
  • The path to higher cycling power
  • Fix your dropped leading arm
  • How to leverage race-specific workouts


Dr. Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen shares 5 science-based principles for building more cycling power.

What makes these principles unique is that – for optimal results – they must be completed in a purposeful order. 

Bonnevie-Svendsen explains why the gradual increase of training load is paramount to achieving success as an endurance athlete.  He also convincingly argues why it’s unwise to blindly follow the training intensity distribution of the professionals.

Whether you have a coach or follow your own program, this is an immensely valuable presentation.  Bookmark it and refer back to it often.  Consider it your operator’s manual for faster bike splits.


If you want to run to your potential in your next event then — during the last 4 to 6 weeks prior to competition — make sure to include workouts that are race-specific.

Doing so will ensure that you’ll accrue the adaptations required to perform at your best.

Coach Jeff Gaudette reveals multiple race-specific workouts for popular distances from 5k to marathon, and explains the physiological rationale behind each.  Integrate some of these sessions into your race build-up, and you’ll find yourself running faster than ever.


FINIS understands the unique needs of triathletes, and has a line of innovative products that will make you a better, faster and more efficient triathlon swimmer.

We especially like their Slide Dryland Trainer stretch cords.  Their clever design provides constant (not variable) resistance throughout the swim stroke cycle.  They’re perfect for pre-event warmup when we can’t get into the water before the race start.

We also love the Freestyler paddle for reinforcing a good catch, pull and stroke finish… It’s a game-changer for open water swimmers like us.

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Coach Brenton Ford addresses one of the most common problems observed in age group triathletes: dropping the lead arm when turning the head to breathe during the swim.

When this occurs, it prevents an effective hold and catch, thereby slowing you down.

According to Ford there are 5 main reasons why the arm drops, and he analyzes each one.  Watch this video to determine if you’re guilty of any of these mistakes.  If so, then apply his fixes and drills and you’ll soon be swimming faster freestyle.

DRY 10

For more speed and technical improvement in your freestyle, add some swim-specific strength training to your weekly routine.

Elite swimmer Benjamin Strydom shares his 10 favorite dryland exercises that will positively impact all aspects of your stroke.


  • How Much Faster?
    Thanks to their buoyancy, wetsuits contribute to faster swims times.  But just how much faster will you go on race day wearing neoprene?  Watch Global Triathlon Network’s experiment that quantifies the wetsuit advantage.
  • Sparks Will Fly
    The 2023 North American IRONMAN 70.3 season starts this Saturday in Oceanside, California where a world championship caliber pro field will battle for their share of $50,000 in prize money.  Watch the action live on OutsideTV.