• The ultimate 70.3 brick
  • Your shoulder position is preventing a high elbow catch
  • Did IRONMAN replace Gatorade Endurance?
  • 11 tips for better tri running
  • How poor sleep prevents fat loss


One of triathlon’s most trusted coaches, Mikael Eriksson, examines why triathlon running is so challenging.

As most experienced triathletes know, running off the bike requires a different set of skills and fitness compared to free running.

Check out Eriksson’s 11 tips for faster triathlon running for athletes of all levels.

It’s likely you can apply one or more of these suggestions for dramatic improvement.


Your shoulder position might be preventing you from getting a high elbow catch.

In this video Brenton Ford clarifies why this is such a critical skill to master.  He also explains how a low shoulder often prevents swimmers from attaining an early vertical forearm.

One of his favorite drills for improving shoulder position is the Shoulder2Cheek Scoop.  Practice it to achieve the breakthrough in freestyle technique that you’ve been missing.


Nothing helps you build the strength, endurance and technique required for successful triathlon swimming than the training accessories offered by FINIS.

Consider the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro.  This unobtrusive underwater metronome will help raise your turnover to the ideal 35 strokes per minute. It will also help smooth your power curve and increase your efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from their variety of innovative swim paddles, like the strapless Floating Agility Paddles or the innovative Freestyler Paddle.

Or elevate your swim-specific strength and warm-up routines by grabbing a set of Slide Dryland Cords that mimic the entire swim stroke cycle with consistent resistance.

Best of all TriathlonWire readers get a 20% discount by using the coupon code TRIWIRE at checkout.


If your standard brick sessions are getting stale, then consider Mike Ricci’s advanced version, specifically designed for IRONMAN 70.3.

This challenging workout requires precise intensity management as you work through a race-paced swim followed by a run – indoor bike – run.

Ideally performed 8 and 4 weeks prior to your event, it will confirm your pacing targets and fueling plan are on target for a great performance.


Since 2015 Gatorade Endurance has been served on-course at all North American IRONMAN events.  Love it or hate it, it’s available everywhere and is familiar to almost everyone.

Now there’s a new drink in townMortal Hydration — from the Boulder-based kombucha manufacturer, Mortal.

While we’ve seen no official announcement from IRONMAN, Mortal Hydration is featured on the IMTX Facebook page, on official course maps and in the aid station handouts distributed at recent volunteer meetings.

Why is this important?  Mortal Hydration’s formulation contains stevia, higher levels of sodium and only 40 calories per serving.  This is substantially different from Gatorade Endurance, so athletes must test the product and possibly modify their race day nutrition plan for optimal fueling.

Learn more about how to adapt to this new on-course hydration drink in this post by sports nutritionist and age group champion Marni Sumbal.


  • Sleep It Off
    If you’re trying to lose a bit of weight while continuing to train, then pay attention to your sleep quality.  Research shows that – with just a slight reduction of sleep – fat loss was hampered, but loss of lean body mass was increased.
  • Crowded Beach
    The IRONMAN Pro Series kicks off on April 6 at the 23rd annual 70.3 Oceanside.  Over 100 pros and 3,000 age groupers will compete for $50,000 in prize money and world championship slots.  Notably the top 5 women in each age group will also qualify for the full-distance title race in Nice, FRA.