• VO2max and aerobic performance
  • 10 swimming myths that slow you down
  • Dial-in your ideal marathon pace
  • Choosing the right swim drills
  • Increase bike speed with aerodynamics


Optimizing aerodynamics is the quickest way to improve your cycling speed.

In this article Kevin Kolodziejski explores the changes you can adopt that will make you ride faster.

The single best way to enhance aerodynamics is to improve your body position, because the body creates 75% of the drag when you pedal.  Begin by focusing on the flexibility in your lower back and hips to better enable a flat back for longer periods in the aero bars.

Once you’ve dialed in your position, then eliminate anything that’s flapping.  This includes apparel and random gel packs taped to your top tube.  Then add an aero helmet and shave your legs.  Congratulations: you’ve just trimmed a few minutes from your bike split.

Check out this useful chart on how various upgrades improve your speed over a 40km TT, and imagine how much time you can save over 112 miles.


VO2max refers to the maximum volume of oxygen we can utilize during exercise.  As endurance athletes, it’s important to understand that VO2max has a significant effect on our aerobic power and FTP.

Contrary to popular belief, VO2max can be trained and raised, which positively impacts our aerobic performance.  Conversely, the adaptations gained from exercise can be quickly lost during periods of inactivity.

Learn more about why VO2max is such a critical metric, and why it’s so vital to long distance triathletes, in this presentation by the sports scientists at INSCYD.


Former Olympian, Hall of Fame inductee and elite coach Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. has trained thousands of athletes to become faster swimmers.  From his years of experience he’s identified 9 common myths pervasive among age groupers.

Learn the key component of body rotation that contributes to propulsion, the true benefit of a high elbow during the underwater pull and much more.

This information-dense collection of swim tips will help you think differently about how to improve your freestyle stroke.


UCAN’s proprietary SuperStarch is a low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate that has changed the way triathletes train and race.

UCAN products provide athletes with steady, long-lasting energy without the spikes and crashes associated with sugary gels and drinks.

Best of all, the flavors are subtle and not too sweet.  With zero sugars and zero stimulants, UCAN provides sustained natural fuel during even the longenst race with no GI or stomach upset.

We require steady energy and sharp mental focus throughout the race day.  That’s why champions like Katie Zaferes, Tim O’Donnell and Meb Keflezighi rely on UCAN to fuel their performances.

As always, readers of TriathlonWire receive 15% off of all UCAN purchases by using this link.  Check out their complete line of drinks, energy bars and snacks today!


Recently we discovered coach Greg McMillan’s strategy for executing an ideally paced marathon.  He calls it Go-Zone Racing.

Combining comprehensive pre-race planning, honest self-assessment, mental toughness and a bit of risk taking, his method provides you with the best chance of a breakthrough performance.

The secret is to divide your race into 4 phases, and then execute a pre-determined plan for each phase.  Learn about his Go Zone Racing method and how it can work for you.


Drills are meant to improve our swim technique, but many can be detrimental.  With a seemingly infinite selection available, how can we choose the best swimming drills for our specific needs?

Coach Andrew Sheaff describes his process for determining the most appropriate drills for his swimmers.  For each potential exercise, he considers 3 attributes.

For a detailed description of each attribute – and examples of effective drills that you can begin using immediately – read this informative article.


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    Is your triathlon training in a rut? Then here are 45 different workouts that will spice up your program and keep you physically and mentally engaged.  Designed by coach Dermott Hayes, each session is less than 1 hour in length and will help take your performance to the next level.