• 5 keys to year-round base training
  • Best drill for your freestyle extension
  • Mastering the 5 types of intervals
  • How to properly acclimate for heat
  • Could you afford a TdF road bike?


This year more than ever we’re faced with training and racing in hot environments.  Fortunately proper heat acclimation will improve your performance.

Heat training can result in a 7% improvement due to increased plasma volume, increased oxygen uptake, better cooling efficiency and the production of heat shock proteins.

Dr. Chris Minson is a leading expert on heat’s effect on athletic performance.  Read his specific recommendations on how to schedule your heat training without compromising other key workouts.


Coach Mandy Bradley offers valuable insights to how to refine your freestyle extension.

She explains how to get your hand depth just right to ensure optimal glide, balance and rotation.

By practicing her drill you’ll capture the feeling of slipping through the water with little resistance and maximum flow.


The innovative FINIS Smart Goggle is a vital tool that tracks and discreetly displays key swimming data in the corner of the left lens without distracting your field of view.

Metrics like stroke rate, lap splits, lap count, total time, rest intervals and more… are displayed in real-time.  It even integrates with Strava and provides analysis of your head position!

For a limited time, the FINIS Smart Goggle is on sale at its lowest price ever Plus, there’s no subscription fee.

As a TriathlonWire reader, get an additional 20% off your purchase of the FINIS Smart Goggle and other world class swimming accessories by using coupon code TRIWIRE at checkout.


The best triathletes attend to their aerobic base training all year long, not just during the off-season.

Enhancing your ability to clear lactate during steady-state work should be a weekly focus.

Coach Zach Nehr outlines his 5 components of superior aerobic base trainingThey strike the ideal balance between desired adaptations and recovery, so you can maintain consistency and continue a steady build.


A familiar building block of any successful training plan is interval workouts. Understand the rationale behind the number and duration of your intervals, and you’ll take a major step towards becoming a more informed triathlete.

Coach Jim Rutberg describes 5 different durations of intervals and their purpose.

He also explains how to decide whether to add more intervals or make them longer.   With this new perspective, you’ll optimize your time-at-intensity.


  • Going in Seine
    Despite a $1.5 billion cleanup investment, recent heavy rains and untreated sewage continue to foul the River Seine.  Swimming has been banned in the river since 1923, and the fate of the Olympic triathlon remains in doubt Duathlon, anyone?