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Extreme heat and humidity ruin the races of even the best triathletes.  As the body overheats, it becomes a less efficient machine so, naturally, it slows down.

Master coach Matt Dixon, founder of Purple Patch Fitness, shares his step-by-step formula for preparing for your best possible performance in the heat.  His protocol focuses on increasing blood plasma volume and maintaining oxygen carrying capacity.

There’s plenty to learn here, but we were especially interested in his explanation of why (and how) he utilizes heat adaptation sessions in only the easier workouts.

If you’re planning to race this summer (and most of us are), then this is required reading.

30/30 RUNS

You already know that interval training is the most efficient way to improve your running.

There are many types of intervals to consider, but one of the most effective – and risky, if done incorrectly – is VO2 Max intervals.  These challenging sessions are proven to improve your LT and increase aerobic capacity.

In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about 30/30 sessions, a popular workout format of VO2 Max intervals.

Try these as an alternative to the traditional tempo run for a marked boost in your running performance.


Drills? Sprints? Over-distance?  How should triathletes structure their swim workouts?

Dan Golding lays out a plan to optimize your solo swim sessions and stop wasting time in the pool.  He suggests how to conduct a proper warmup, explains drills that actually work, and outlines what to focus on during your main set.

Like most experts, he reminds us that it’s nearly impossible to improve with only 3 swim sessions per week.  So swim with intention 4 or more times each week and watch your proficiency in the water skyrocket!


Triathletes are infamous for having limited ankle flexion, which causes tremendous drag when swimming freestyle.

An effective tool for overcoming this lack of mobility is the FINIS Long Floating Fins.  The favorite of 6x IRONMAN Champion and master coach Dave Scott, these fins will improve ankle flexibility, reduce splayed legs, and help refine the overall balance of your kick.

Swim fins are not cheating!  When used properly, they help improve your hip engagement, streamline your position and increase your propulsive force.

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Determining the best nutrition and hydration plan for your next triathlon can be confusing and frustrating.

While it usually involves some degree of trial and error, Andy Blow outlines a process that will accelerate your learning curve and increase the probability for a well-fueled event.

IRONMAN triathletes often misunderstand or ignore the gut’s capacity to absorb nutrients, with disastrous outcomes.  Too much too soon is a common race day mistake.  This guide will impose a structure on your fueling plan to increase the likelihood of success, regardless of the distance.


We know that stronger triathletes race faster, but many are surprised to learn that the best time to squeeze in their strength training varies throughout the season.

Think about it and it makes sense.  We can’t expect to see significant gains in the gym while we’re in a speed-building phase of our tri training.

Tim Brazier of Fitter Coaching outlines his macro approach to strength training.  While he advocates for maintaining bodywork throughout the year, he clarifies the importance of sequencing your strength sessions according to your current endurance performance goals.


  • Swim Like Sara
    We just discovered the blog by former pro and swimmer extraordinaire Sara McClarty where she offers nothing but swim workouts and drills.  This is a goldmine for any triathlete who feels their pool sessions are a bit stale.
  • Aussie Aussie Aussie!
    With the qualifying window now closed, 39 nations are fielding Tokyo bound teams for the Olympic triathlons to be contested in late July.  Australia is the only country to qualify the full quota of 3 men and 3 women.
  • Talkin’ Smack
    Taking a page from MMA’s marketing, two of triathlon’s biggest stars are flapping about a head-to-head bout.  Perennial contender Lionel Sanders has publicly challenged 3x Kona champ Jan Frodeno to race.  But can they agree on a venue?  Maybe we’ll have to wait until October