• 4 proven workouts for better 70.3 racing
  • Poker pacing to develop marathon speed
  • Fresh cues for faster freestyle
  • Strength training for the hips
  • Delay age-related declines in performance


Although we can’t outrace Father Time, by understanding the physiology of aging we can maintain and even improve our speed into our 50’s and 60’s.

As we enter our 50’s we experience drops in VO2max, testosterone and muscle elasticity (among other things).  While not something any of us look forward to, it can be managed. 

It turns out that our best defense against age-related performance decline is a more strategic approach to training, which prioritizes quality over volume.  That means eliminating junk miles focusing on strength and scheduling ample recovery.

By learning how to evolve your training, you’ll slow the natural decline in performance and continue full speed towards your triathlon goals.


Former pro and respected author Gordo Byrn has a surprisingly simple method for dialing in your IRONMAN run speed He calls it Poker Pacing and it’s based on the concept of Green Zone training.

Designed to reveal your stamina, fatigue resistance and pace control, the Poker Pacing workout is a 1-to-2-hour session that’s separated into pace-based thirds.  The intensity of each third builds very slowly and is guided by heart rate.

Learn how to harness the power of Poker Pacing to reach new heights in training consistency and your best run performance ever.


Not sure where to begin your strength training?  Then coach Andrew Simmons wants you to start with your hips.

Hip strength is vital for the mechanics of all three triathlon disciplines.

Follow his 9 hip exercises for balance and strength You’ll feel a difference in your freestyle kick, on long rides and deep into the late stages of a run.


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Triathletes who are feeling frustrated trying to coordinate the elements of their freestyle will appreciate this dissection of freestyle’s basic elements by coach Johnny Rocket.

His clear descriptions of the stroke’s major components – head position, pull and kick – will provide a fresh perspective for improving your mechanics.  Use his helpful cues during your next session.  You’ll be shocked by your gains in speed and efficiency.


If you’re pinched for training time and are seeking the best workouts for your IRONMAN 70.3, then this article by coach Phil Mosley is just the ticket.

He outlines his 4 essential sessions, explains why they’re important and recommends when to perform them.

If only all of your training could be so straightforward!


  • Pumped Up
    With the increased adoption of wider tubeless tires, tire pressures have trended lower.  But how low should you go? To help determine what’s optimal for you, use Silca’s amazing tire pressure calculator.  It’ll ensure you’re riding with maximum speed and comfort.
  • Copenhagen Plank
    Danish researchers discovered a simple variation to the humble plank that could transform your running.  It strengthens your core, improves hip stability and helps prevent injury.  It’ll also leave you gasping for air.
  • Better Necking
    If you sit all day – or swim freestyle (!) – then you’ll benefit from improving the mobility of your neck.  Try Dan Go’s 3-minute neck mobility sequence to keep it healthy & pain free.