• Frodeno’s 7 tips for faster racing
  • Benefits of alcohol-free training
  • Fundamental movements that improve running
  • The best drill for the freestyle catch & pull
  • 3 options to recalculate your FTP


if you’re still having trouble perfecting the front end of your freestyle, then this exercise by swim coach Brenton Ford just might do the trick.

Called the YMCA Drill, it helps you to lock in the proper motor patterns required for an efficient stroke.  It focuses on the 4 key stages of the catch and pull phase: the start (when you’re at full extension), the high elbow set, the Power Diamond, and the hand exit.

Regularly performing this YMCA Drill will embed the muscle memory that can be carried over into your swim sets.  Get in the pool and give this a try… you’ll be thrilled with the results!


Many age group triathletes find themselves plodding along in the late stages of an IRONMAN.  This lack of sparkle is often caused by spending too much time training slowly over long distances.

In this article, 3-time Kona winner and Olympic gold medalist Jan Frodeno lays out his 7 tips on how to go faster in your next long course race.

As you review his key swim, bike and run workouts, you’ll notice a common theme: There’s a focus on intentional, precisely paced efforts.  Frodeno never strays too far from his speedwork.

To enable these high quality workouts, he also offers tips on nutrition, mindset and recovery.  Use his advice to shake up your routine for better results this season.


Now is the perfect time of year to recalibrate your training zones to ensure that you’re working at the most appropriate intensities.

For cycling that means recalculating your Functional Threshold Power, which indicates the maximum power output an athlete can maintain for 1 hour.  Once you know your FTP, you can easily define the target ranges of each training zone.

There are 3 common ways to assess FTP (outside of the lab): the 8-minute test, the classic 20-minute test, and the ramp test.  Each has its pros and cons.  With the help of this guide, you can choose the one that’s right for you.

FTP is a great indicator of cycling fitness, so it makes sense to retest a few times per year as your training adaptations accrue.  Dial in to your FTP and your training will become more effective and efficient.


The secret to better swimming is an obsessive commitment to improving your technique.  Purpose-built swim products by FINIS will get you there faster.

Their first-to-market Stability Snorkel teaches proper head position and facilitates critical exercises (like the YMCA Drill mentioned in this today’s edition).

A wide variety of Paddles helps to optimize hand entry & exit, and various phases of the catch and pull.

The innovative design of their Edge Fins promotes a kick that starts at the hips and not at the knees.

TriathlonWire readers get 20% off FINIS products…  Just use the coupon code TRIWIRE at checkout.  Stock up now!


Sports nutritionist Scott Tindal recently went an entire month without consuming alcohol and was shocked by the results.

Resting heart rate went down and HRV markers improved during his dry month, but returned to elevated levels once drinking resumed.

When drinking regularly, Tindal’s sleep quality was diminished, which in turn impaired his recovery and metabolic homeostasis.

Check out the data behind these and other findings, and learn why Tindal now believes that there is no place for alcohol in a program designed to maximize health and performance.

As the saying goes, To be informed is to be empowered.”  Tindal’s findings might convince you to eliminate or cut back on your alcohol consumption… or at least forego booze during the 90 days prior to your next “A” race to optimize your results.


You’ll become a stronger runner if you master two key lower body movements, claims Dr. Tim Richardt.  These movements are the squat and the hinge.

Squatting governs vertical movement, and hinging produces horizontal motion. By becoming more competent at each, you will increase your running proficiency.

You can learn about the underlying biomechanical elements of the running stride and how squats and hinges impact your form.  More importantly, try these two simple exercises that will translate into stronger and faster performances.


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