• Lose weight while building fitness
  • Efficiently return to the pool
  • Off-season strength training
  • Complete guide to triathlon swimming
  • Managing data for better pre-season planning


In a recent edition of That Triathlon Show podcast, host Mikael Eriksson chats with elite coach Frank Jakobsen about how to get your new season off to the best start possible.

Jakobsen shares his insights on how to analyze and interpret the flood of data athletes are faced with, and tells us what metrics are truly important (and which are not).

They also discuss choosing races that best match your strengths, and then tailoring your program to ensure you arrive at the start line ready to compete.

Frank Jakobsen is one of the world’s leading coaches in triathlon.  This podcast is required listening for any triathlete committed to improvement in 2023.


For coach Jarrod Evans, strength training — not nutrition — is triathlon’s fourth discipline.

With a proper strength program, your performances will improve by being able to hold better biomechanical form late in the race and from sustained injury resistance throughout the season.

Evans advocates for year-round bodywork but believes it’s especially critical during the off-season.

Level up your program with his 7 guidelines for effective off-season strength training, designed specifically for triathletes.


If you’re interested in faster times, increased efficiency and actually having fun with your training, then Rory Buck’s Fundamentals of Triathlon Swimming is for you.

Buck takes his readers through a logical progression of swim skill refinements, which are relevant for triathlon swimmers at all levels.  He also offers a method for structuring workouts appropriate for your current ability.

This is a goldmine of swimming instruction.  Fortunately it’s also available as downloadable PDF, because you’ll want to refer back to it frequently as your swim technique improves.


Build a bulletproof foundation to your season by joining 3x Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion Craig Alexander at his spring training camp in Mallorca, Spain on March 11-18, 2023.

Tailored for triathletes of all levels, it’ll be a fun week of incredible training, technical instruction and informative workshops… All guaranteed to make you faster.

Thanks to daily one-on-one interactions with Crowie, you’ll learn his insights on nutrition, strength & conditioning, bike fit, race tactics and much more.

Discover why Mallorca is a multisport training mecca by attending this once-in-a-lifetime triathlon experience.  Click here for more details and to reserve your spot… You don’t want to miss this opportunity to train with a legend and take your triathlon to the next level.


Are you trying to rebuild fitness while losing weight?  If so, then check out the 5 common weight loss mistakes among cyclists (that triathletes need to avoid, too).

Mistake #1: we create a caloric deficit for ourselves, including not eating enough during a long ride.  Then we get home and eat everything in sight!  Sports nutritionist Renee Eastman refers to this as caloric overcompensation.

This habit undermines our training in two ways.  Not only do we lose the full benefit of the workout by being under-fueled, but we overeat after the workout, too, which prevents us from making progress towards our desired weight loss.

Learn more about caloric overcompensation and other proven strategies to help endurance athletes reach their fitness and weight goals.

Many of us are returning to the pool after a holiday hiatus. If that sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate these 3 quality-over-volume workouts designed by coach Sara McLarty.

What makes these sessions unique is that no efforts are longer than 150m.

This allows us to focus on maintaining good technique throughout every set, and avoid engraining poor stroke mechanics that often come with long, fatiguing reps.

With these workouts at the ready, your return to swimming will feel far less daunting!


  • Feeling Lucky?
    Take your chance at winning a free entry into the USA Triathlon Fantasy Camp, simply by subscribing to Kelly O’Mara’s new Triathlonish newsletter.  Hosted this March at the Olympic Training Center outside San Diego, you’ll live and train like an Olympian as you refine your triathlon skills.
  • Good Morning
    Most of us are happy to squeeze in our training whenever our schedule permits, but research shows that morning workouts should be prioritized.  Benefits include better heart health, increased fat loss and improved cognitive function.
  • No Small Potatoes
    The PTO continues to raise the bar for professional triathlon, most recently by announcing its year-end world rankings for non-drafting competitions, accompanied by $2,000,000 in cash awards. Top-ranked Anne Haug and Kristian Blumenfelt each pocketed $100,000.