• 5 tips for mastering threshold intervals
  • How to sustain productive long runs
  • 5 cues for instant swim speed
  • Key biomarkers to track in blood tests
  • 2 exercises for defeating IT Band Syndrome


Here’s a useful video that delivers 5 tips for an instantaneous increase in swim speed.

What makes this video different is how succinctly Brenton Ford provides practical cues for improving your technique.

He explains how to stop swimming short, press with the chest, stroke slow-to-fast and never pat the cat!


Long runs are a critical component of marathon training.  They build cardiovascular strength, improve muscular durability and increase mitochondrial density.

But how do IRONMAN triathletes incorporate them weekly while avoiding excessive fatigue that could potentially compromise subsequent training sessions?

Coach Thomas Watson offers a solution to this problem, and provides 2 ways to ensure you’re getting the necessary speedwork (outside of your weekly long run).

By following his approach you’ll train with more consistency, reduce chronic soreness, and perform better on race day.


Improving bike performance is usually the single best way to lower your overall race time.

According to coach Mike Fielder, the cycling workout most important to master is threshold intervals.  Over time they allow you to go faster for longer, increase your FTP and promote mental toughness.

Check out these 5 tips for mastering threshold training, and try the sample workout.

These challenging sessions will help you shave minutes off your bike split and make you a stronger triathlete.


In response to overwhelming demand, 5x triathlon world champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander will lead two US training camps this April.

Hosted at the beautiful First Bourn training estates in Virginia and North Carolina, each camp provides a week of purposeful instruction guaranteed to make you a faster triathlete.

Which should you choose?  The camp at First Bourn Virginia is ideal for triathletes of all levels who are looking for holistic improvement across all disciplines.  The week at First Bourn North Carolina is more cycling-focused, perfect for elevating your climbing power and descending skills!

In addition to the unparalleled curriculum, incomparable amenities, and a personal phone consultation from Craig, TriathlonWire readers save $50 off camp tuition with coupon code TRIWIRE50 when registering for Crowie’s training camp in Virginia or North Carolina.


To help fine-tune their training, many triathletes turn to comprehensive blood tests to obtain deep insights about their responses to training stress, recovery and nutrition.

However, to make truly informed decisions, a general understanding of the test results is required.

Coach Nick Busca provides a glossary of blood biomarkers important for endurance athletes.

Armed with this information, you can take a more proactive role in your health and fitness.


It’s estimated that iliotibial (IT) Band syndrome accounts for 12% of all long-distance running injuries.

Perhaps you’ve suffered from this overuse injury that causes inflammation of the tendon that runs down the side of your leg from pelvis to knee.

Weakness in the glute medius is frequently associated with IT band syndrome, so you might be able to treat – or even avoid — this painful condition by practicing these 2 exercises advised by Dr. Brandon Steele.


  • Super Big
    The indefatigable IRONMAN Hall of Famer and voice of endurance Bob Babbitt just bought a Super Bowl ad that celebrates the pursuit of athletic dreams.
  • Triathletes Have Spoken
    IRONMAN just announced its 2023 Athlete Choice Awards to recognize the best full-distance and 70.3 races, as voted on by participants.  If you’re considering entering in any of these races, you’d better act fast!
  • Stretchin’ It
    There’s a reason why this is called the World’s Greatest Stretch.  Start by using this routine as a means of improving your hamstring, thoracic and hip flexor mobility.  Then, once you’ve grown accustomed to the movement sequence, make it part of your pre-workout warmup.