• 3 Workouts for faster triathlon runs
  • Science-based benefits of swim paddles
  • 5 Reasons why it’s time to start strength training
  • Average, good & great triathlon times
  • Phases of proper freestyle arm movement


One sure way to go faster is by increasing the force production of your muscles.  This can be achieved through weightlifting.

Coach and physical therapist Amber Sayer details 5 benefits of strength training for triathletes.  These benefits translate directly into better performance. 

Increasing strength requires heavy resistance.  Progressively heavier weights trigger the desired adaptations.  Don’t worry: you won’t get bulky!

Ready to finally commit to the gym?  Then start with this well-designed program It will elevate your strength, mobility, balance and overall fitness.


This concise video dissects the phases of freestyle arm movement, and provides actionable cues and tips for instant improvement.

Coach Brenton Ford shares insights on the nuances of proper front-end technique.  We appreciate his explanation for why you always want to keep your hands moving, and how gentle body rotation is critical for establishing rhythm in your stroke.

Be sure to practice his favorite drill for ingraining the ideal position throughout the entire arm path, and soon you’ll be swimming faster with less effort.


Nothing helps you build the strength, endurance and confidence required for successful triathlon swimming than the training accessories offered by FINIS.

Consider the FINIS Tempo Trainer ProThis unobtrusive underwater metronome will help raise your turnover to the ideal 35 strokes per minute. It will also help smooth out your power curve and increase your efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from their variety of swim paddles, like the strapless Floating Agility Paddles or the innovative Freestyler Paddle.

Or elevate your swim-specific strength and warm-up routines by grabbing a set of Dryland Cords.

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Here are 3 workouts for developing a faster IRONMAN marathon by coach Greg McMillan.

These sessions emphasize better economy at elevated pace, which will help you break out of the one-speed running rut.

With just one of these workouts a week aimed at improving LT and speed, you’ll soon be on the path towards a marathon PR.


Most triathletes have them in their gear bag.  Olivier Poirier-Leroy takes a technical look at why swim paddles are vital for improving your technique.

Paddles increase stroke length and speed. They can also refine our feel for the water and teach us to generate more power with greater efficiency.

To help ensure you’re getting the most from your paddles, check out this effective power set by coach Richard Smith.


  • Building Blocks
    Are you getting enough protein? This study shows that men and women endurance athletes require nearly 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily to ensure post-exercise recovery… Far higher than the RDA.
  • Red Light, Green Light
    Look for innovative electronic drafting detection technology, Race Ranger, to be adopted by all IRONMAN pro races, beginning in April at the 70.3 in Oceanside, CA.  One can only hope that it eventually trickles down to age group competitors to finally reduce cheating… and the guesswork of officiating for it.