• An Olympian’s lactate threshold calculator
  • 4 reasons why you must know your FTP
  • Bust through that running plateau
  • 3 ways to improve the catchup drill
  • Bulletproof your back with these exercises


One of the most common swim drills is the classic catchup stroke.  Triathletes often perform this on autopilot, with little attention to how it can improve stroke symmetry, extension and balance.

This video unlocks the 3 true benefits of the catchup drill and provides useful cues for performing it flawlessly.

It also introduces 2 progressive catchup variations to further refine your freestyle and help you get the most from this popular exercise.


If you tend to always run “kinda hard” and are stuck on a plateau, then coach Andrew Simmons will help you break that unproductive habit.

Simmons convincingly makes the case that the quickest way to faster racing is an abundance of slower Zone 2 training, combined with limited speedwork.  If this sounds like polarized training, that’s because it is.

Commit to running slower in training.  You’ll fortify your aerobic base and improve the quality of recovery between sessions.  Best of all, in as little as 4 weeks, you’ll experience a noticeable jump in fitness.


Starting this Friday, 5x world champion Craig Alexander is launching his free Zwift training program called Crowie’s Stronger By Springtime.

Craig will host three weekly workouts over a variety of Zwift routes that – when performed consistently – will deliver an impressive boost in your FTP.

Of course, while riding (during the easy parts!), Crowie will answer your questions about training & racing and talk triathlon.

All participants receive his custom in-game kit.  Plus there will be opportunities to win real life prizes.

So why not make the most of your indoor cycling and get Stronger By Springtime (Zwift subscription required.)


Back pain is the most common ailment reported by triathletes.  If left untreated, it can limit your time on the bike or reduce the power you can apply to the pedals.

The best way to prevent back pain is with a professional bike fit… and consistent strength training and stretching.

Master coach Chris Carmichael shares his favorite exercises for a bulletproof back.  Start doing them now to avoid interruptions when your training volume increases.


Cycling coach Dave Schell outlines 4 reasons why triathletes must know their Functional Threshold Power (FTP).  With it, you can make informed decisions about your training and racing.

He goes on to prescribe 3 reliable ways to determine FTP on your own.

When you’re ready to get to work, then check out these 3 workouts designed to increase your FTP by Pau Salva Martinez.  Integrate them near the end of your base training, and you’ll reap the rewards in the upcoming season.


  • On the Threshold
    Knowing your lactate threshold (LT) is critical for dialing in your training zones and managing race pace.  Use this convenient online LT calculator by Olympian Pete Pfitzinger to quickly estimate your threshold.
  • Fast Science
    The fastest running shoe for one athlete might trip up another.  So engineers at MIT Sports Lab are experimenting with predictive shoe design to produce 3D-printed footbeds that optimize your stride and truly personalize your performance.
  • Golden Rule
    Let’s close this week’s edition with a little pearl of wisdom from exercise physiologist Alan Couzens.  It’s a key training principle and relates to a choice you must make frequently during your training cycles.