The most successful age group triathletes are laser-focused on improving their weaknesses during the off-season.  For many of you, that means deciphering your race-day nutrition.

In this article, sports performance dietician Pip Taylor walks you through the steps to efficiently audit, correct and fine-tune your personal fueling needs.

She’s a proponent of training your gut.  You’ll want to practice using the same products and quantities – consumed at near race pace intensities – that you expect at the event, until you’re reasonably certain that you’ve discovered what works best for you during the heat of battle.

Learn how to be intentional about your fueling in training, and you’ll be rewarded with the confidence and sustained energy required for a great race result.


Now’s the perfect time of year to strengthen the “engine room for cycling and running: your gluteal muscle complex.

Sitting all day at an office job can exacerbate weak glutes, and poor bike fit, poor posture and poor flexibility don’t help, either.

The good news is that you can train your glutes to activate more effectively for better neuromuscular coordination and more power generation by performing these 5 simple exercises.

Remember: stronger glutes will make you faster.  Improving your glute strength will reduce the load on your quads, lower back and knees; result in better body position; and deliver longer lasting power.


Nothing inhibits swim speed like a lack of mobility.  For age group triathletes like us, poor range of motion is a common cause of bad technique and slow swim splits.

Insufficient mobility in the upper back and shoulders make it impossible to perform a proper freestyle stroke. It also compromises the amount of strength you can apply, and makes you more vulnerable to injury.

Check out these 5 proven exercises that will enhance your range of motion and strength around critical joints.  Perform them regularly and you’ll quickly see better times in the water.


Your race-day nutrition can determine if you set a new PR… or suffer through a long walk to the finish line.

The secret is to consistently train with what you expect to consume during the event.  The best way to get this right is to shop at The Feed.

The Feed has almost every brand and flavor of sports nutrition you can imagine, so you can stay supplied with exactly what you need to prepare for your next race.

Visit The Feed to finally dial in the fueling strategy that works best for you.

(They also have an unmatched selection of supplements and recovery products, too!)


In this special interview coach Floris Gierman speaks with the greatest marathoner of all time, Eliud Kipchoge.

Kipchoge recounts how his failed attempt to run sub-2 hours in 2017 was a vital steppingstone that led to his remarkable 1:59:40 effort in 2019 (that’s 4:34 per mile!)

He discusses the importance of having a system, staying consistent in his preparation, and having faith in his training… advice that we all can take to heart.

It’s always a privilege to learn from the best.


Olympian and world champion triathlete Greg Bennett amassed over 100 professional victories during his career.  He’s also hosted 100 podcasts where he connects with other elite performers.

In episode 100, Greg sits down with top-ranked superstar Lucy Charles-Barclay.  In their candid conversation she reveals how she discovered triathlon and how she continuously dialed up her performances until reaching the top of the podium.

Lucy shares why she partnered with coach Dan Lorang, who helped guide her to winning the 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships by over 8 minutes.


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