Guys, are you still searching for that special gift for the female triathlete in your life? Then look no further. Sansego Triathlon Club’s exclusive Women’s Team Program will provide an unforgettable multisport experience. Details below.


You know that weight training improves functional strength and makes you faster.

But you’re a busy triathlete. When should strength work be scheduled into your already crammed training program?

In this comprehensive article on, you’ll learn how and when to add strength training without compromising the quality of your critical sports-specific sessions.

You’ll also learn how to manage and minimize the competing cellular signals inside your body when performing endurance and strength training on the same day. This is a must-read!


We’ve all been there: feeling like we’re in a rut with our run workouts.

Coach Jason Fitzgerald of offers his 4 favorite marathon training runs to help freshen up and re-energize your program.

These endurance-oriented workouts combine all of the elements critical to faster and injury-free training, which ultimately translate into better race performances.


Yeah, that sounds like clickbait. But it turns out that you can accelerate your weight loss by fine-tuning your sleep environment.

It’s no news flash that our metabolism keeps working while we sleep. The average person burns over 400 calories each night. You can calculate how many nighttime calories you burn based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)… here’s how.

What’s interesting is that we can boost our metabolism by up to 15% and alter our fat stores by sleeping at cooler temperatures. By exposing ourselves to cold, we stimulate the growth of brown fat (the “good” kind) and its associated thermogenesis.

Do you have to spend the night in an igloo to realize these benefits? Thankfully, no. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that 7 to 8 hours of sleep at 65 ℉ will do the trick.


Women make up one of triathlon’s fastest growing segments. Yet there are very few training programs that address the unique demands of the dedicated female age grouper.

That is, until now.

Sansego Triathlon Club is stoked to introduce its 2021 Women’s Team Program. Led by 22x IRONMAN finisher and USAT certified coach Pam Kalio, along with 5x world champion Craig Alexander, this exclusive program provides hyper-focused personalized training for women committed to transforming their triathlon in the New Year.

Entirely comprehensive and customized for each athlete, there’s nothing else like it in triathlon today. Results are guaranteed (sorry guys… this is for women only).


Off-season (which is one way to refer to the last 9 months without racing) is the best time to introduce strength training into your routine.

In this video 10x Ironman winner and Challenge Roth champion Belinda Granger takes us through one of her favorite upper body strength sessions. What we love about this workout is that it requires almost no equipment and can be performed at home.


One of the great pioneers of our sport, Scott Tinley, sits down with the Chelsea and Eric Show to examine what sparked the development and growth of triathlon in the 1980’s.

Famous for embracing the latest innovations of the day, ST was one of the leaders who established triathletes’ reputation for being early adopters of new technologies.

A member of triathlon’s dominant Big 4, Tinley won the Hawaii Ironman twice and was victorious in countless other events. He’s also a member of the USAT and Ironman Halls of Fame.

After transitioning away from the sport, Tinley pursued a career of teacher and writer. Today he’s a professor at San Diego State University and occasional ocean lifeguard in Del Mar, CA.

This is a fun and revealing conversation, ideal for your next indoor training session!