• The violent bike surges of pro tri racing
  • A novice’s guide to IRONMAN
  • Essential swim accessories
  • Crowie’s secrets to Kona prep
  • Does HRV-guided training work?


Pro Cody Beals provides a rare glimpse of how elite triathletes ride the bike leg.

In his personal blog, Beals explores his pursuit of that elusive mix of fitness, technology and pacing to deliver him into T2 as quickly as possible… while still having gas in the tank for a strong run.

Thanks to Beals’ typical candor, we’re reminded that pro men are freaks.  For them, it’s anything but a steady TT effort.  These guys ride very, very hard and are relentless with their surges.

The more competitive the field, the more “spikey” the power output as athletes constantly challenge and respond to each other to remain in the hunt.

It’s truly a battle out there on the bike, with a marathon yet to run.


We’ve all chuckled at the swimmer who arrives on deck with a wheelbarrow full of swim accessories and weird paraphernalia.

In this article 5x XTERRA World Champ Mimi Stockton reviews her list of essential swim gear.  Each of the items in her bag has been intentionally selected to build strength and efficiency.

Stockton explains why and how she uses each accessory, and describes when it might be better not to use any of it (and seek assistance from a coach instead).

She also reminds us that overuse of any swim accessory (like a pull buoy) can be detrimental to improvement.   Her rule of thumb: use swim gear for less than 30% of your total workout.


With the meteoric rise in popularity of gizmos that measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) like the Oura Ring and the Whoop Band, the question is: can HRV tracking benefit my triathlon training?

HRV is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. It can be easily disrupted by a lack of sleep, chronic inflammation or too little recovery.  Stressors like these almost immediately change your HRV, making HRV an interesting early warning signal for judging performance readiness.

HRV guided training helps you decide when workouts should be hard, and when you should back off.  In a number of promising studies, HRV guided training improves overall endurance performance and produces higher resilience to injury and illness.

If you want to learn how HRV-guided training can improve your results, then start here.


There’s no better collection of gifts for triathletes than the swimming accessories offered by FINIS.

Consider the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro.  This unobtrusive underwater metronome will help raise your turnover to 35 strokes per minute (or higher). Using it will smooth out your power curve and increase your efficiency.

Or how about a couple sets of swim paddles, like the strapless Floating Agility Paddles or the innovative Freestyler Paddle.

Level up your strength and warm-up routines by grabbing a set of the Slide Dryland Cords that mimic the entire swim stroke cycle with consistent resistance.

Best of all TriathlonWire readers get a 20% discount by using the coupon code TRIWIRE at checkout.


One of the greatest long distance triathletes in history, Craig Alexander reveals how he prepped for Kona in this in-depth discussion on Jack Kelly’s How They Train podcast.

During their wide-ranging conversation, Crowie describes how he mapped out his annual periodization to ensure he peaked in October.  He details his go-to workouts, how he blended over-distance with intensity, his strategic use of altitude training, and much more.

Grab a notebook; this is a true master class for IRONMAN excellence.


If you’ve earmarked 2022 to attempt your first full-distance triathlon, then check out this useful guide by Purple Patch Fitness.  It demystifies triathlon’s most iconic race distance by providing a concise step-by-step approach to event selection and training.

We love how it deflates the 3 myths of IRONMAN training and details how to realistically plan for your first full-distance race.

Targeting an IRONMAN is a long-term endeavor, and it shouldn’t be rushed.  Understand the training phases of most successful triathletes, and you’ll begin your journey with clarity and confidence.

Whether you’re an iron-rookie or reconnecting with the sport after a long layoff, this roadmap to IRONMAN is a valuable resource.


  • Definitive St. George
    It’s been over 2 years since we’ve had an IRONMAN World Championships.  To help you prep for the return of the title race, Thorsten Radde of has created a comprehensive guide to the St. George, UT course.  You can get it for free, but why not toss him a few bucks as a “thank you” for this impressive work?
  • Dear Santa
    If you’re struggling to convince St. Nick to deliver that expensive Garmin Fenix 6 under the Christmas tree, then you might want to peruse this exhaustive collection of incredible holiday deals on sports tech assembled by DC Rainmaker.  Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’ll certainly find some gift ideas here.
  • More PTO Options
    The Pro Triathletes Organization (PTO) announced the expansion of its event series with the addition of new Pro Tour races in Edmonton and Dallas.  You’ll be happy to hear that there will be age group fields at each event.  We’re curious to see if their million dollar purses will impact the size and fitness of the pro field in Kona.