Last week we presented our most popular survey ever, asking what you prefer to wear when racing long distance triathlons.  After tabulating over 2,830 results, here’s what you told us:

Over half of you (51.3%) choose 2-piece tri suits over 1-piece tri suits (42.4%). The rest of you opt for cycling kits (3.81%) and “other” outfits (photos, please!)

Your top 5 favorite brands for triathlon race apparel are Zoot, Castelli, Roka, De Soto and 2XU.  Lookin’ good!


What contributes to the fastest bike split possible?

Using the 2021 Challenge Daytona as a case study, German coach Christian Decker explores the internal and external factors that affected the cycling times.

His thorough analysis covers critical variables like choosing what to focus on while racing (hint: power and fueling); balancing aerodynamics and comfort; and managing core body temperature.

You’ll undoubtedly pick up some useful tips from this article.  But what struck us the most is how Decker treats the bike leg as a total system and then emphasizes the variables that he can control and optimize for the greatest ROI.

Adopt this holistic approach and your cycling performance can be taken to new heights.


We talk a lot about not depending exclusively on sugary fuels and the importance of training your body to become more proficient at burning endogenous fat.  Doing so will help preserve your glycogen stores for when you need them most, like during spikes of intensity in a race.

But how can you develop into a more efficient fat burner?

Well-known coach and multiple Kona qualifier Sergio Borges outlines his practical advice for immediately improving your fat metabolism.  Included are his 4 common sense tips on personal nutrition.

Fine-tune your daily dietary habits with Sergio’s suggestions and see immense improvements in your long distance triathlon performance.


Triathlon training plans have become increasingly complex and time-consuming, often discouraging those new to the sport or who simply have lives that are too busy to accommodate the heavy workout prescriptions.

Master coach Gale Bernhardt offers a solution.  Her time-tested program, 13 Weeks to IRONMAN, offers a proven template for long-distance triathlon success.

Bernhardt’s plan is straightforward yet comprehensive, laying out a schedule of zone-based training sessionsthat build confidence and deliver results.

If you’re aiming for your first full-distance IRONMAN, moving up from 70.3 or returning to the sport after a long layoff, then this training program can work for you.


There’s more to triathlon wetsuits than you might initially realize.  In fact, knowing the proper wetsuit techniques can preserve your investment in neoprene and save precious time during the swim and in T1.

Triathlon innovator Dan Empfield was a leading wetsuit designer and manufacturer (as founder of Quintana Roo).  Dan has plenty to share about how to choose and get the most from your triathlon wetsuit in this multi-article series.

He explains why full suits are fastest.  He reveals how to properly put one on (and patiently teaches us why it matters).  He even walks us through the steps of how to save time while stripping off your wetsuit.

If there was ever a guide to free swim speed, then this is it!


Olympian and former IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Andy Potts is usually found at the front of the swim pack in most of his races.  He’s known worldwide for his swimming expertise.

In this article he presents his 7 favorite open water swim tips.

His race day advice includes some nuggets you might not have heard before, like how to “treat the buoys like walls”.  He also describes a truly effective warmup.

Regarding training, Potts doesn’t beat around the bush: to succeed at triathlon you must commit to becoming a swimmer… and then he proceeds to explain how to do so.


  • Why Weight?
    Reaching your ideal racing weight is important, but doing it properly is critical.  In Matt Fitzgerald’s instant classic Racing Weight, you’ll learn how to get lean for peak performance. Best of all, his 6-step approach won’t compromise your training.
  • Still Outspoken
    We were pleased to learn that the Outspoken Women in Triathlon conference, presented by Cervélo, is returning in 2021 with both in-person and virtual attendance options.  Scheduled to take place in Tempe, AZ on November 12-14, its theme is re-start, rebuild, reconnect.
  • A Tri Too Far?
    We witnessed Kristian Blummenfelt’s powerful gold medal performance in Tokyo, but had to reread the announcement of his next goal: He wants to win Kona… this October.  Before dismissing his proclamation as finish line exuberance, consider others who have successfully moved up from Olympic distance to IRONMAN, like Frodeno, Charles-Barclay and Brownlee.  We hope he qualifies!