• 6 hill workouts for stronger running
  • The best science-based cycling HIIT session
  • In-season strength training
  • How freestyle rhythm produces more speed


Not all bike speedwork is created equal.

In this revealing study by sports physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler, four groups of amateur cyclists were tested to determine the optimal length and number of reps required to produce head-turning improvements in VO2max and lactate threshold

It turns out that small differences in interval duration and intensity result in significant variations in training responses.

Learn why 4x 8 minutes HIIT twice a week might be your best choice for greatest adaptive gains.


Often-overlooked, establishing a relaxed but fluid freestyle rhythm is vital for unlocking faster swim pace.

In this video coach Brenton Ford provides 3 tips for establishing proper stroke rhythm that will result in breakthrough performances.

He covers concepts like slow-to-fast, front quadrant swimming and rocking, not rolling.  He even provides a mantra you can use during warm-up that will help you “tune in” to your cadence.

Once you master the timing of your stroke, suddenly you’ll notice that you’re swimming faster with less effort.


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Experienced long distance triathletes know that hill workouts are a secret weapon for improving run performance.

They help build power, raise VO2max and reduce the risk of injury often associated with flatland speed training.

Learn Greg McMillan’s 6 types of hill workouts plus 3 plyometric hill drills, and how and when to integrate them into your training plan.


We’re sold on the benefits of strength training for triathlon, but should we continue it during race season?

Short answer: Yes!  Coach Taylor Thomas outlines 6 areas of focus for in-season strength training.  Use them to help maintain core strength, improve mobility and prevent injury.

It’s important to continue strength training year-round but, during competition season, adapt your routine to enhance your racing.


  • Aloha, Taylor?
    After successfully defending her IRONMAN 70.3 world title, the buzz is that we’ll next see American Taylor Knibb in the women’s only IRONMAN championship in Kona this October.  Get to know this young, humble champion in her interview with Bob Babbitt.  We hope to see her in Hawaii!
  • Core Control
    One of the most important things you can do to improve your run off the bike is strengthen your core.  Follow these 5 critical core exercises just twice a week for more control of your running form.