• Roadmap to an IRONMAN PR
  • How visualization can provide a breakthrough
  • Prioritize endurance – not speed – for faster racing
  • Ensure adaptations for hot weather triathlons
  • 10 best drills for improved freestyle


Triathlon is famous for its hot weather races.  Coach Rick Lovett explains how to harness the principles of heat training so you can compete in the heat.

According to Lovett it takes about 14 days to acclimate to higher temperatures.  During that time your body makes significant adaptations to cope with heat stress.

Learn how and when to conduct your heat training to ensure you’ll be ready to roll on race day, even if the mercury is rising.


We relentlessly train our physical abilities, but develop your mental strength and you can achieve true greatness.

One of the most effective ways of enhancing your mental game is through visualization.  When properly performed, visualization delivers 7 main benefits to triathletes including helping to overcome the inevitable race day challenges, providing tools for pain management and reinforcing self-confidence.

Former pro triathlete and sports psychologist Grant Giles reveals how to implement visualization to elevate your results. Don’t ignore this powerful tool.


One proven strategy for developing faster freestyle is to break your stroke into chunks and use drills to refine the core skills required for each.

But with countless options, how do we choose the most effective drills to practice?

Elite swimmer and coach Olivier Poirier-Leroy cuts through the confusion by curating his 10 best drills for faster freestyle.

You’ll learn how, when and why to use each drill to build incremental improvements in your technique, which can be transferred to your regular stroke.


Smart athletes fuel with UCAN, the choice of champions like Tim O’Donnell, Katie Zaferes, Sara Hall and Meb Keflezighi.

UCAN’s proprietary LIVSTEADY SuperStarch is a low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate that has changed the way triathletes train and race.

UCAN products provide athletes with steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and crashes associated with sugary gels and drinks.  That means UCAN Energy Gels last for up to 75 minutes.

The subtle flavors are not too sweet.  Zero sugars and zero stimulants, UCAN provides sustained energy throughout the race with no stomach upset.

TriathlonWire readers receive 15% off their UCAN purchases with coupon code TRIWIRE15.  Take advantage of this great deal and stock up now!


Do you make every workout a race? By focusing too much on speed, you’re stunting your development as an endurance athlete.

Conversely, if you prioritize endurance, then you’ll extend your ability to perform in an aerobic state while withstanding fatigue.  Isn’t that our goal for achieving a superior IRONMAN performance?

Coach Jason Fitzgerald discusses the vital benefits of aerobically-centered training and offers 4 strategies for expanding your endurance capacity.

Embrace this training philosophy and you’ll be rewarded with next-level performances.


Some of the most valuable content for triathletes committed to improving comes in the form of case studies.  This remarkably substantive video from self-coached age grouper Patrick Delorenzi is one such athlete profile that’s a “must watch.”

In it he describes every major phase of his training journey that ultimately resulted in an IRONMAN PR.

Delorenzi generously shares the details of his program including sample training weeks, the data he measured and the gear he used.  He also provides thoughtful observations of how he dealt with injury and the distractions of everyday life.

Rarely do we discover such concise and actionable content.


  • Open Season
    Championship season kicks off with a bang at this weekend’s PTO US Open in Milwaukee, WI.  A star-studded field – including world #1 ranked Ashleigh Gentle and Kristian Blummenfelt — will face off for a share of $600,000 in prize money.  There are various options to watch the event live, so be sure to tune in.
  • Odd Couple
    Two of triathlon’s best storytellers got together to trade yarns and recount the formative years in Bob Babbitt’s recent conversation with Scott Tinley.  Considered one of our sport’s “Big Four”, Tinley is a 2x Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion and member of the IRONMAN Hall of Fame.  Save this interview for your next long Zwift session… It’ll make the time fly by!
  • Frodissimo
    It had to happen.  We sensed it was coming. But it was still a shock to learn that this will be Jan Frodeno’s last season as a pro triathlete.  Considered by many to be the most talented triathlete in history, due in equal parts to the breadth of his palmares, length of his tenure and overall class, we will miss this multifaceted champion.  We look forward to watching his last races in Milwaukee and Nice.