• Why you need longer swim sets
  • Fundamentals of faster triathlon runs
  • 5 principles for more cycling power
  • Blueprint for a 1-hour IRONMAN swim


While a 1-hour IRONMAN swim might seem out of reach for most triathletes, adopting the process to attain this speedy goal will benefit athletes of all abilities.

Coach Dan Bullock reminds us that a 1-hour swim equates to 1:34 per 100m.  Many triathletes can already swim at that pace for short intervals, but are unable to sustain it over the full race distance.

Bullock offers 6 areas to isolate and improve for breakthrough IRONMAN swims We really like his monthly testing protocol that you can use to track your progress.

Remember: when swimming 2.4 miles, even tiny improvements will yield impressive time savings.


Jan van Berkel’s IRONMAN marathon time progression is a study of consistency, patience and doing the right training.

Initially considered a “B-level pro,” van Berkel became a feared runner who could regularly close with a sub-2:50 marathon.

Learn the 6 training fundamentals that transformed his ability to run off the bike.

Van Berkel’s journey reconfirms that, in triathlon, consistency and focus are rewarded over time.


Smart athletes fuel with UCAN, the choice of champions like Tim O’Donnell, Katie Zaferes, Sara Hall and Meb Keflezighi.

UCAN’s proprietary LIVSTEADY SuperStarch is a low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate that has changed the way triathletes train and race.

UCAN products provide athletes with steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and crashes associated with sugary gels and drinks.  That means UCAN Energy Gels last for up to 75 minutes.

The subtle flavors are not too sweet.  Zero sugars and zero stimulants, UCAN provides sustained energy throughout the race with no stomach upset.

TriathlonWire readers receive 15% off their UCAN purchases with coupon code TRIWIRE15.  Take advantage of this great deal and stock up now!


About 50% of your IRONMAN race time is spent on the bike.  It pays to prioritize the development of your cycling proficiency.

In this comprehensive review of over 50 research studies, Dr. Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen spells out 5 science-backed principles for boosting your pedaling power.

By distilling 18 years of cycling science, he provides a roadmap for what to do, and in what order, to achieve faster bike splits.


If you have a full-distance triathlon on your race calendar, then it’s time to commit to longer swim sets.

Too often triathletes – especially those who swim in a masters group — spend too much time on short intervals.

Aim to go longer than 3,200m at least once a week in your training.  The result will be a faster, more efficient and more confident performance on race day.

To get you accustomed to the distance, coach Clint Lien shares 2 proven longer-set workouts.  Integrate them into your program and 2.4 miles will seem less intimidating.


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