Despite ongoing race cancellations, one notable bright spot is this weekend’s SLT Arena Games to be held in Rotterdam, NED.

Co-developed by Super League Triathlon and Zwift, this indoor event is the brainchild of 4-time World Champion Chris McCormack.  It promises to deliver an exciting blend of real-life and virtual racing among some of the greatest names in the sport.

The competition is a Triple Mix format, wherein 3 different combinations of pool swimming, Zwift cycling and treadmill running will be contested with very little rest between races.

Distances are intensely short: 200m swim, 4km bike and 1km run… This is true red-line racing for maximum excitement, ideally suited for television (PTO, are you listening?).

You can watch the event live online.  Or, check your local TV listings; the organizers have secured broadcast coverage in 135 territories.


Nearly a lost art, fartlek workouts have fallen out of favor.  However their freeform modulation of pace is an ideal component of effective marathon training.

In this enlightening podcast elite coaches Steve Magness & Jonathan Marcus outline the 4 key elements of fartlek training, why it’s vital to vary your interval segments and their speeds, and how to integrate fartleks into your own program.

They also reveal the worst workout ever for marathon runners (which many of you are probably doing)!


Debilitating stomach distress is common in hot, long distance triathlons (like Kona). Lately scientists have been exploring if athletes can train their gut to improve carbohydrate absorption and fat metabolism during the extreme demands of racing.

Dr. Dan Plews is a PhD in Exercise Physiology… and in 2018 he set the Hawaii IRONMAN age group record of 8:24:36, which included the day’s 5th fastest run of 2:50:56!

In this well-researched article, he presents some strategies to help you dial-in your caloric needs on race day, and avoid your next triathlon being derailed by nutritional miscalculation.


You know that full, deep sleep is critical for athletic recovery.

The science is clear: cooler temperatures at night significantly improve the quality of your sleep and the effectiveness of your recovery from workouts.

Professional athletes, Olympians, and even “biohackers” like Tim Ferriss and Ben Greenfield swear by Chili Technology’s sleep cooling products.

If you’re serious about your training, then optimize your recovery by investing in your rest. Our readers get 25% off by using CHILIPAD25 at checkout.


A power meter is an invaluable tool for training and racing.  But did you know that it can be used to determine your caloric expenditure while riding?  You can then apply that information to fine-tune your personal nutrition strategy.

Coach Joe Hamilton asserts that triathletes can use power meters to determine their caloric consumption, especially during a race. 

Here’s a good explanation of the math and a helpful calculator you can use to quantify how many calories you’re consuming during your rides.


Compared to training in the pool, open water swimming requires more focus on perceived exertion and is less dependent on the clock.  

Here are some creative workout sets to hone your sensitivity to PE.  Perform these weekly and you’ll find that when we return to racing, you’ll have a wider range of pace to call upon when you need it.


  • CBD or Placebo?
    CBD products comprise the newest category within the sports nutrition market. However recent studies indicate that only 15% of the products tested contained anywhere near the amounts of CBD claimed on their labels.  Buyer beware!    
  • Kick It Up a Notch
    Wahoo just released an update to its popular Kickr smart trainer.  This new version introduces a low-tech (but effective) means of providing side-to-side road feel, which can even be retrofitted onto older models.  
  • Race Aloha
    Our friends at Triathlete Magazine have organized a virtual event worth considering called Hawaii From Home.  Between October 5 to 11 you’ll log an aggregated total of 140.6 miles throughout the week, either individually or as part of a relay team.  Great swag and prizes, with tie-ins to worthy charities.