• High hands for more bike speed
  • 6 exercises for a powerful freestyle pull
  • How to accrue more time at threshold pace
  • Balancing FTP and aerobic training


Running at threshold pace teaches your body how to burn lactate more effectively and is a proven method for getting faster.  Threshold — or tempo — running is an important component of training, but it’s hard.

Most runners can hold tempo pace for 20 to 40 minutes in training.  To accrue more time at threshold, break your workout into tempo intervals.  3 threshold segments of 20 minutes each delivers more cumulative time at this valuable speed than one sustained run.

Coach Jeff Gaudette explains how to implement tempo intervals in your own program.  Start stacking tempo segments and soon you’ll see big jumps in your run performance.


To accelerate the development of your freestyle pull, you must commit to strength training.

But what are the routines, reps and sets that will improve your swimming force without detracting from your time in the water?

Elite athlete and coach Abbie Fish (with that name, she must be a great swimmer!) shares her 6 dryland exercises for a better freestyle pull.  Give these a go to transform your stroke.


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You spend hours in the pool… Why not treat yourself to comfortable, leak-proof custom-fit goggles.


Reducing aerodynamic drag on our TT bike is an obvious target for capturing free speed.

When optimizing bike position, a debate rages over which is faster: arms low and stretched on the aero bars, or raised into the “praying mantis” position?

Aerodynamicist Simon Smart has been a pioneer in making cyclists (and Formula 1 cars) more slippery.  He explains why he favors the higher hand position for most age group triathletes, and outlines how to set up the cockpit and choose an aero helmet that’s ideal for you.


As IRONMAN cyclists we have two goals:  building endurance and going faster for longer.

That means we must simultaneously enhance our aerobic base and increase our FTP.

In this comprehensive article coach Meghan Kelley explains why emphasizing FTP improvement is the most efficient way to achieve both of these seemingly conflicting objectives.

Her actionable advice includes 5 proven workouts for building FTP, and instructions on how frequently you should retake an FTP test.


  • 5 Days, 5 Drills
    Here are 5 different drill sets designed to improve your freestyle.  Each drill focuses on one stroke fundamental and can be integrated into your regular swimming routine to ensure steady progress.
  • Laundry’s List
    Pro Jackson Laundry shares his 10-year journey for increasing his FTP.  Discover his weekly training schedule that produced a 100 watt cumulative improvement over the course of his triathlon career.
  • If You Hate Math
    Precision pacing is the key to triathlon success.  For dialing in your race pace over any triathlon distance or dialing in your tempo speed, nothing beats the STRAVA Running Pace Calculator.