The first network dedicated to on-demand endurance sports launched August 10, called Endurance Zone TV.

Blending original shows with blue-chip event coverage including the Tour de France, Super League Triathlon and XTerra races, the platform wants to be your one-stop shop for our favorite sports.

Led by a team of elite triathletes (including Rinny, TO and Greg Bennett) and industry leaders (like Bob Babbitt), Endurance Zone TV promises insider authenticity that we all can appreciate.

In today’s world, it’s refreshing to see a new project like this take shape… We wish them success!


Too many triathletes avoid strength training, and those who pursue it often spend far too much time on low-value “functional training”.

Certified strength and conditioning coach Charlie Reid explains why triathletes shouldn’t fear lifting heavy weights, developing their power in the weightroom, or practicing the fundamentals of progressive overload.

Pro triathletes have integrated year-round strength training to great effect, helping them improve performance and avoid injury. You can enjoy the same benefits by including these straightforward principles in your program.


It’s an age-old quandary: should I make my bike more aerodynamic or lighter in weight?

Cycling journalist and 70.3 age group winner Mat Brett outlines the benefits of each and [spoiler alert] explains why he recommends improving your aerodynamics 90% of the time.


Triathletes love swim paddles. Our partners at FINIS have developed an innovative collection of purpose-built paddles that will make you a better, faster and more efficient triathlon swimmer.

Learn why 6x IRONMAN World Champion Dave Scott uses 2 different types of paddles to improve his technique and reinforce a good catch, pull and stroke finish (the Freestyler paddle is also a game-changer for open water!).

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As literally hundreds of triathlons have dropped from the calendar, one notable stalwart has remained: Challenge Daytona.  And it’s growing.

Scheduled to take place on December 4-6, this 3-day triathlon festival offers a variety of race options, including a PTO-sanctioned pro triathlon with a $1 million purse.  All of the weekend’s events include segments on the historic NASCAR motor speedway.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to end the year on a high note? You can learn more details about the 2020 Challenge Daytona here…


Your speed, acceleration and stabilization… they originate from the engine room: your glutes.

When your glutes are weak — or when you can’t engage them — your body finds all kinds of ways to compensate.  Unfortunately these workarounds usually lead to diminished performance or even injury.

The good news is these 4 simple exercises can be added to your daily routine to activate and strengthen your glutes.  Greater strength to drive your leg back will make you faster moving forward.  So get on it!


  • Your New Why
    With no races to target, what motivates you to put in the miles?  Why not consider enrolling in the Challenged Athletes Foundation Community Challenge?  Triathlon is a small sport with a big heart, and this CAF program will help fuel your purposeful participation until events return.    
  • Later Gaiter
    It seemed like such a good idea: wearing your Buff over your mouth and nose while training.  Not so fast, according to scientists at Duke University.  It turns out that the gaiter fabric splits droplets into smaller aerosolized particles that hang in the air longer, increasing the risk to others.  
  • Virtually Windy
    Although the 2020 race has been cancelled, triathletes can swim, bike and run anytime between August 22 – 30 in the Chicago Virtual Triathlon.  Athletes may also join the event’s free STRAVA club.