• Perfecting freestyle rotation
  • Fall forward, run fast
  • Cut 3 minutes from your marathon
  • Pendulum Pacing during your taper


Managing the delicate balance of a pre-race taper can be tricky.  It’s important to refresh and recuperate, but you also need some higher intensity work so that you arrive at the starting line sharp and ready to race.

5x IRONMAN World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander shares his go-to pre-Kona run workout that you’ll find useful.  He calls it “Pendulum Pacing.”

This carefully controlled interval session swings between race pace and cruise pace, producing the neuromuscular stimulus needed to feel great during the event.  Give this workout a try – preferably on the actual course – and you’ll reinforce good technique, fast turnover and confidence… all critical for a great race.


Freestyle technique is like a golf swing; it’s almost never perfected, but great progress can be made by nailing some of the fundamentals.

In this article Dan Empfield ruminates on a component of swimming that most don’t truly understand:  Body rotation.

He offers some fresh perspectives on why body rotation is so important, and common mistakes seen in adult swimmers.

If you’re serious about improving your body rotation, then check out these 4 drills that will get you on the right track.


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What does that mean for you?

Trusted by serious athletes at all levels, its steady and reliable fuel prevents the typical blood sugar spikes common with simple sugars.  UCAN’s products also promote increased fat-burning and improved mental focus throughout your longest races.

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Every runner has an ideal posture, hip position and extension to optimize speed.  In this video Coach Nate Helming explains how to get your body into its best position.

Helming addresses the concept of “running tall”, which really means maintaining good alignment.

This is key for triathletes, who begin the run already fatigued.  The longer we can sustain proper alignment during a race, the faster and stronger we’ll finish.

Watch this video for some tips and cues for finding the best position for you.


If you could cut 3 minutes from your next marathon at no cost, would you do it?  If you’re aiming to qualify for Boston or Kona, then pay attention.

Sports science author Alex Hutchinson reviews the latest research on the power of drafting and makes the case that even slower age group runners can enjoy meaningful dividends if they draft properly during a marathon.

After reading this article you’ll think twice about leading the pack into a headwind.


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