• Why over-40 athletes need intervals
  • 3 drills performed by most elite swimmers
  • Treating & preventing hip flexor pain
  • 3 freestyle mistakes and how to fix them
  • Science-based tips for your pre-race taper


Looking to lock-in a measurable race day improvement?   Then stop treating your pre-race taper as an afterthought.  Executed correctly, the taper will boost your VO2max, improve your economy and top-up your glycogen stores.

Coach Mikael Eriksson presents a comprehensive guide: the art and science of tapering and peaking

Get research-backed recommendations on the ideal duration of your taper and how to balance reductions in volume and intensity.  Understand why you should individually fine-tune the taper for swim, bike and run.

For any triathlete serious about performance, this is a must-read.


Matt Zachan, head coach of Davis Aquatics Masters, produces useful instructional videos for swimmers of all levels.

In this episode he shares the 3 most common freestyle mistakes he sees being made every day.  These are particularly relevant to triathletes who must deal with crowded, choppy swims that disrupt stroke mechanics.

His easy-to-follow drill progressions deliver steady, incremental improvements that translate into faster swim splits.


We all must eventually deal with age-related slowdown.  The good news is that – in well-trained runners — that slowdown is only a few seconds per mile for each year over 40.

With aging comes reductions of VO2max and aerobic capacity.  However, the rate of decline can be slowed with regular doses of high intensity training.

Joe Friel shares his thoughts on how masters athletes can safely unlock the benefits of interval workouts.  He prescribes a 3-step framework for re-introducing HIIT training to your schedule if you’ve been mainly doing long, slow distance.


Despite all the benefits of triathlon, we frequently subject ourselves to excessive sun exposure.

Most of us understand the risk of skin cancer.  But did you also know that sunburn suppresses our ability to dissipate heat, potentially compromising performance?

Fortunately now you can prioritize skin health with the full line of products by Dermasport.

Designed specifically for athletes, Dermasport protects, hydrates and repairs skin from excessive exposure to sun and chlorine.

Check out Dermasport’s complete skin care line for endurance athletes, and save 20% by using coupon code TRIWIRE at checkout.


Coach Brenton Ford discovered that most elite swimmers practiced these 3 go-to freestyle drills to enhance the most important components of technique.

Each drill helps you improve timing and develop a full-body connection for your stroke.

Understand why and how to perform these exercises, and learn the cues that will help perfect their execution.


In each of triathlon’s three disciplines, the hip flexors are vulnerable to overloading.  If not properly trained they can become the weak link, preventing you from achieving the results you expected.

Corrective exercise specialist Eric Lister takes a close look at hip flexor anatomy and explains how the demands of swimming, cycling and running challenge this vital muscle group.

He also offers 5 strategies for addressing hip flexor pain and reveals why a strong core is critical for preventing future overuse injuries.


  • Your New Mantra
    Alan Couzens distills how to reach your full potential as an endurance athlete into two simple words.  This could become the new mantra of aspiring triathletes everywhere.
  • Indoor Options
    Training efficiency is everything, and oftentimes that means an indoor bike session.   Check out these 4 proven indoor trainer workouts, designed for each triathlon distance.
  • Strength of Field
    This weekend the 2024 IRONMAN Pro Series kicks off with a bang at the IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside.  Over 100 pros are registered in a very stacked field.  Headliners include Taylor Knibb (USA), Patrick Lange (GER), Paula Findlay (CAN),  Sam Long (USA) and many more.