• Proven method for increasing your VO2max
  • 9 exercises to attain the optimal aero bike position
  • Strength training that complements tri performance
  • Why you should never ride a road bike in a triathlon
  • Mark Allen’s 3 tips for faster triathlon running


6x IRONMAN World Champion Mark “The Grip” Allen – once considered the World’s Fittest Man – was feared for his devastating run.

Check out his 3 battle-proven tips to improve your triathlon running.

As we leave T2 our cadence, footstrike and fatigue are very different than when we’re running on fresh legs.  Allen’s advice will help prepare you for what you’ll experience in the race.


To fully understand the profound benefits of a tri bike over a road bike, read (or listen) to coach Michael Liberzon’s advice for racing on a hilly course.

Over 70% of your power is used to overcome aerodynamic drag.  Even on mountainous bike courses at races like Nice and Lanzarote, the aerodynamic superiority of a TT bike outweighs the weight savings of a road bike.

To fully exploit these advantages, Liberzon stresses the importance of a proper bike fit (to maintain your aero orientation).  He also encourages regular shifts in seating position throughout your ride, and careful integration of your hydration system.

The bottom line?  If you average 200w in a full-distance IRONMAN, a well-fitting tri bike can save you more than 17 minutes


Now that you understand why it’s so vital to ride a tri bike, how can you capture all its aerodynamic benefits?

In his 2-part series, bike fit expert Neill Stanbury outlines the 3 common limitations that prevent optimal aero positioning and the reasons that cause them.

The good news is that you can overcome these limitations.  In part 2 Stanbury offers a variety of exercises and drills that fix these impediments.

Dedicated bodywork designed to reduce your coefficient of drag is one of the best ways to gain speed on the bike.


There’s no better way to level up your swim skills than by performing the proper drills with the right training accessories.  That’s where FINIS comes in.

FINIS understands triathlon swimming.  They design and manufacture the most innovative swim products in the sport, engineered to help you become faster and more proficient.

Strengthen your kick with the Long Floating Fin (Dave Scott’s favorite).  Refine your entry and pull with the world’s best selection of swim paddles.  Discover how the Tempo Trainer can increase and optimize your stroke rate (key for open water speed).  Or finally correct your timing and body rotation by drilling with the Stability Snorkel.

No matter what element of your stroke you want to improve, FINIS has a product that will shorten your learning curve.

As always, TriathlonWire readers get 20% off your purchases with coupon code TRIWIRE.


So you’ve been diligently doing your strength training, but is it translating into faster performances on the road?

Elite triathlete Kelly Fillnow shares her insights on building race-specific strength.

She emphasizes heavier weights and fewer reps early in the year, followed by power-focused objectives as competition approaches.

Follow her sample training weeks and notice how her work in the weight room complements her triathlon performance.


You might have heard the old rule-of-thumb that VO2max is nearly untrainable.  No matter how many HIIT workouts you performed, you’re stuck with what you were born with.

However work by Alan Couzens and others indicates otherwise.  With the proper training, Couzens demonstrated that VO2max can be increased by over 20%!

The catalyst for these improvements is low-intensity, high volume training.  In other words, lots of Zone 2.  This lower intensity maximizes cardiac stroke volume and mitochondrial development.

Learn more about the physiology of why this works and apply it to your own program.  Paradoxically you might find that fewer high intensity efforts will increase your VO2max and overall performance.


  • Pull Into Breath
    Breathing too late during the stroke compromises your freestyle mechanics.  Correct this problem with Brenton Ford’s cue to pull into your breathwhile practicing full extension.
  • Himalayan Dream
    Looking for the ultimate triathlon adventure?  Then check out the 2024 XTERRA Nepal.  Scheduled for mid-November, this multisport festival offers numerous race options and its host city of Pokhara is the ideal base for post-event Himalayan treks.
  • Repair the Band
    Eliminate the pain of IT Band Syndrome once and for all with Jeff Cavaliere’s IT band fix that will relieve the tension at the knee and along the entire iliotibial band.  You’ll never foam roll the IT band again!